Emo The emotional Elf

What does it mean to be a kid at heart?

I would say I am a kid at heart, I can be a little silly and childish sometimes, especially when I am with kids,

Kind of like meet them where they at,

So for example, if you want them to do something most of the time, kids won’t want to do it, but if you make it a fame or challenge to see who can do it first.

Laughter arrives, even though my kids are grown up when you get out the car and strat walking wait for them and Sunday say beat you to door we all going to try get to that door first. We may even barge each other a little. Playfully, though.

Arr you a parent how many times have you had to break up arguments over who sit in front , use to be stressful hear in the mornings, so I assigned it to age the oldest one I the car gets to sit in front obviously when they were old enough.

Whoever got the front seat gets control of radio, that was before smart phones accompanied them everywhere, and it was who ever got the song on first.

Enjoy reading with your kids. Sometimes, their books make you belly laugh.

You get competitive with the kids’ games. Kids are great at gaming, anyone remembers the wii ,and we fit. The kids would be great at the games , and when they were at school, you would try and beat their scores so next time, it will make the try and beat yours. And so the little battle begins , interactive parenting.

If you can’t beat them, join them see how much they love that attention.

Being a kid at heart is seeing things with a view of how you liked your childhood and the things that made you happy when you were a kid.

Maybe view the world positively and not letting the negative things in the world overwhelm you.

I guess being a kid at heart means different things to different people.

That’s it for now,

much love faye ❤️