Emo The Emotional Elf

favorite pass time or hobby

Making goofy dances with Hayley

it’s a really good way of de stressing getting some excersize and just having a laugh.

I don’t own writes to music ,so would love to share them just as a home movie type of thing.

in lockdown we did share on Facebook but we kind of got told off for it but It lifted everyone’s spirits and kept us all from lockdown madness of being confined to the house. Plus I think music is therapeutic and a great tool for teaching.

you admire the work of the artist and the music production , weather its from a film or just a great hit of its time,

it also helps show a different side of your personality , Hayley is just so funny sometimes I cam never stop smiling around her

This is the one I will share because I think it’s one of my favorite ones.

and my blog isn’t that big yet.

just recently though it’s been growing

bit maybe that’s because we celebrating 6 years of this blog today. Wow six years of writing

Well just a short blog today

much love Faye ❤️