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Your Life without a computer without a computer , what does it look like? Dialysis prompt

Your life without a computer: what does it look like?

If i didn’t have a computer my life sure would be different,

Well I am going to list the pros and cons because really there are both.

Life without a computer

  • More free time
  • No hours days weeks dealing with a computer crash,
  • No expensive upgrades
  • No worrying about losing your work or photos
  • No using all the disc space on bulk operating systems that leave no space for work or even anything to open
  • No charging cost adding to price of electricity
  • No chance of virus stealing or crusting your stuff
  • Maybe the list of pros is endless
  • A simpler life like it used to be
  • No online bullying
  • Or online scammers

life with computer

Writing and using a computer can get your work so far at a click of a button something old style can’t do without long posting and waiting for return post.

So much learning potential you sure cam watch a video and read articles on how to do things find instructions to make or fix things

Keeping in touch with family and friends

Make new connections build businesses from home.

Managing appointments, Ehcp writing , emails always leave a paper trace.

Things can’t get lost in post, people can choose not to read them, but you can prove you sent them.

I cam probably think of more but its almost 2am switching off now