Emo The Emotional Elf

A Little thing called energy

What things give you energy?

Me in a nutshell

I have always been this hyperactive person , since a kid could never eat anything with e102 in it or to much sugary stuff has me bouncing off the walls.

I never really can sit still for long always have to be moving and doing something.

It’s probably why I am good at caring and working with kids I have all this energy.

Probally the coffee too though , the minute I wake up I am bouncy and positive rarig to get the day started. Eager to lift everybody else up and getting things moving.

Like right now I should be tired but I am still buzzing I think sleep is going to take a long time to happen tonight.

I might be a little over excited though We should have the car ready to start up tomorrow , comic com is going to be at the local sports center so takin Jake Niki is voulenterring with autism all stars at the event.

It’s also my 29th wedding anniversary Tommorrow well technically now , so looking forward to an evening of hubbies company cooking a meal and we normally listen to music we not going out. I actually prefer having a meal at home with music maybe dancing , and movie my idea of a perfect evening.

That’s it for now Good night much love Faye ❤️