Emo The Emotional Elf

Daily writing prompt
Which food, when you eat it, instantly transports you to childhood?

Sausage rolls and meatballs. i think were a particular favorite of mine so much so i named my teddy bears meatballs and sausage rolls , another is Belgium buns when i eat them it reminds me of the local cake shop from my childhood an going up there just before it closed rather then through away the cakes at the end of the night they used to give us some it was like a little routine going to collect the goodies from the cake shop just before it closed.

Rhubarb and custard, Army and Navy, Sweet Peanuts, black Jacks those are favorites still.

Sunday roasts remind me of gathering round my grandparents at the weekend , picking veg from the allotment my grand father used to have and helping to prepare the food and set the table. Spinach with oil and salt. Burnt peas that was something my Nan always seemed to do. And Grandads Yorkshire puddings homemade of course they were not round like Aunt Bessie or crispy they were kind of flat and bread like but they were delicious if i make them at home that how i make them but also they sometimes upgraded the Yorkshire puds and turned them into toad in the hole.

There is one food though i hated and really don’t which to be transported back to childhood memories

Brains Faggots. they are yucky. makes me shiver thinking about them.

I was a very picky eater as a child