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Good Morning, hope your having a beautiful start to the day.

Different post today and while it shows my book , This post is about the people reading it.

In Honor of my beautiful friends from Uganda

Yesterday I received these beautiful photos from this beautiful family from Uganda, Sebba, Sarah, Hilary, and Joshua, We have been talking and sharing photos of our families for year’s. So it was such a gift yo be able to gift them a copy of our book. We share our happy moments with each other and have talked about many things over the years, we shared birthday photos. When the children have been poorly we shared both of our publishing Journeys. Me with Emo The Emotional ElF And Sebba with his book Windows of Uganda. Now I asked their permission before sharing these photo’s with you all and while I love promoting and getting my book out into the world. I would love to help the also get theirs out there because it be if it’s them more as a family and for a community of strong women, so with this post I would love to share both the link to their book and to their foundation.
I am very fortunate yo live in this country and for the massive support system here and all though it’s floored In many ways as is frustrating to negotiate for families with additional needs, we are in a blessed position compared to this beautiful family and the women of Uganda.
You probably No by now a lot of the work I do involves caring and education and spreading a kind and uplifting and positive out look in support of all families everywhere.
I am passionate about children emotional and mental health.
So if you have something to spare by their book or donate to their foundation imagine the good it would do for them and their community read their story. Because all they want is to empower mothers to start all businesses so the children can get an education.
I am happy yo get my book to other families one at a time I don’t write for reward only for very good causes and to make even just one family smile for a moment. They loved the book and said I was an inspiration but they are the ones who are inspiring those smiles through every day have made them feel like family.πŸ’—πŸ˜

Widows of Uganda πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬

Wishing you a beautiful day 😁 I did want yo share the link for the foundation here but it isn’t letting me do that, but you can support by buying their book.

Much Love Faye