Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever found (and kept)?

That’s such an easy thing to answer Emo. I found him in a shop window smiling.

Instantly draw to him and I don’t know why. Maybe it was just at that time, maybe because our family was going through a real tough time and we lost lots of family members.

The children got their diagnosis lack of support with it .

It definitely was a turning point. I laughed so much writing the book we all smiled and laughed more.

I think having something else to focus on helped us as a family but also helped us to share our experiences.

I 💯 know when he came a long, my kids stated reading more they started engaging more at school at that time they even joined in and played along.

They gave ideas they made things, they got evolved in the photos.

I also looked at Emo and the publishing as something the kids could work on if they struggled with jobs and things. They are pretty creative and always show you this beautiful world. I love seeing their world intact its such an honour to see life through their perspective.

I’ve always known my children have this huge potential to make a difference in whatever ever they do, but also with sharing the journey, maybe not through more books like Emo because it really is a one off rare kind of book. But those bigger milestones that it might give hope to other families other young autistic kids that they can do in their own way and time reach their full potential and even exceed it with support. Maybe over time, that support will change, maybe it will stay the same or more support will be needed, but the world is a huge place, other will see it too.

Well, I was going to add Emo and his smile but for the last couple of days, I seem to have an issue adding photo’s via my phone app.

I’m going to have to contact help team and see what’s going on. That’s it for today.

Much love Faye ❤️