Emo the Emotional Elf

How do you manage screen time.

Do we really manage it, mean work family, friends,making connections, writing.

You basically need an app for most things these days, if I really want to chill though I turn off notifications or turn the volume of on my phone. I am pretty quick to answer messages most of the time but on the occasions I am slow that the reason.

Children are also pretty good at telling you to put it down and they may not listen when you give that advise to them if they don’t see you take your own advise lol That is Defo the truth , and my hubby wont talk to me if he doesn’t have my full attention as I never catch everything he says. he defiantly hates when my ringer is off. I tend to forget to switch it on again.

Also if I am Driving the phone is away good practice to get into.

I am a bit of a chatter box so it’s not always screen time as talking to people and answering message.

I think i have some work to do to get over the guilt of making people wait for a reply.

That’s if for this blog.

much love Faye