EMO The Emotional Elf

What are your favorite websites?


WordPress, for the obvious reason, it’s easy to use , and you really get to express yourself through writing and being creative.

There is always something new to use and improve your site.

I love the fact that you can do smaller updates on a mobile version on the go.

With writing, you can get inspired and just go with it,

The desk top version is more for the longer, more thought-out post. Requires time and attention.

LinkedIn, because it connects you yo different job sectors and people from all over the world.

Inperticually love the creator mode , which I have been using for a while now.


Facebook, I have a private page to keep up with family and friends and a godsend during lockdown.

I also have my author page, and it’s really grown recently, not just in an author way but also with many other small businesses trying to grow pages. It’s a great way to help motivate each other to stay on track.


Insta for sharing photos, I do think insta is less of a talking platform and more of a visual expression kind of platform.

I think having these platforms really Do come in handy for creative people .


I do use Twitter X, but I found that it’s quite political and great if you are into that or like to be outspoken on topics.

Sometimes, if I am honest, I do find it one of the more negative experiences. Just that it’s a less welcoming platform and not so easy to get to know people on.

I am a person who likes that back and forth communication and get to know the people I connect with a little. More of a community uplifting person.


Google Maps is funny enough this is not one that’s talked about much, I love leaving reviews where I go , looking at things like disability access. Value for money, the whole experience, and if I have the ability to leave a review for businesses all the better.

As a person who likes to plan trips and days out so I can meet the people I support needs, I am definitely the type of person to read reviews during the planning process.


Amazon author platform I joined this a while ago , so building the footprint and longevity as a writer this I think helps a little, bring the human touch to your product or work.

It’s not simply enough to just post your work, especially just as a product,

How can readers get a sense of your work if they don’t get to know you as a person.

Your passions behind the writing style, which led you to become an author, the ability to share photo’s videos from your book events or book reviews that people use. All these little things I see as soft marketing , not the kind where you are constantly just about the sales , but about why people should give your work a try.

With direct links to your book sales reports, you can track over time your best times for sales, what socials you shared on that brought that led to sales.


Taking things up a step for photo’s to videos , I think videos show more of the real you your personality, especially if they are not planned out , not scripted and you share the things you want to share.

Although, on occasion, there are some I don’t share simply because you never know what’s going to come out of your mouth or others I can them bloopers. Sometimes, the next video ends up being better, though, so it works out for the best.

I have yet to try the live functions on most of these platforms, but it is something I am thinking about . Posting prerecorded videos is different to going live whatsit your live and just sitting thier waiting for people to join you. That would kinda be a little awkward it’s hard keeping the flow going if there isn’t someone to bounce off.

So, like my videos with Hayley are pretty chatty, and I love that look in her eye that has this mischievous glint if she is about to say something she shouldn’t. If I do videos on my own, I try to keep them short.

The thing about lives is you don’t know what the person will ask , what if they ask you an embarrassing question and you like freeze. What if someone says something that makes you mad? Facial expressions are not easy to hide. I am not good with keeping a neural face. My emotions show very easily.

So, in finishing up this blog for the day

Much love Faye ❤️

Have a lovely Sunday ❤️