Emo The Emotional Elf

#1 priority Tomorrow is Family

What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Going to start the week in full swing again we picked up mum Yesterday so spending time with her , Getting mum an appointment with the nurse for an INR blood test Thursday so he dental work can be finished we have to get her blood to right thickness for it to be done.

Night ❤

Dropping our Niki to her volunteer job,

Hayley has an appointment for getting her ears syringed and cleaned out so hopefully she will be able to hear again and we won’t have to hear her say , What , what did you say, pardon. Its really bothered her a lot.

Spend sometime with our Jake.

Maybe get back out on car with hubby give it one last shot armt solving the issue.

Get my computer fixed so I cam write a bigger blog.

Pay some bills.

Maybe some book marketing if I can squeeze it in.

Starting the week full on.

Day in a life of a mum,daughter, carer Author, I best get some some sleep soon.

Any way that’s it for now much love Faye 💘xxx

All these things are equally as important so there isn’t really a no 1 thing.