Emo the Emotional Elf

Brand association

What brands do you associate with?

I am not a brand kind of woman to be honest, That’s the truth recently I have had a few people contact me about running ads for brands on my author page like an affiliate program type thing.

They want to pay about 2000 to run one ad for 24 hours 7 days a week each ad different and they say it will be relevant to my page. Seems a little to easy and good to be true.

I mean these are brands like Nike , Puma and things like that they don’t have any relevance to my page at all really and not something I wear

I am not saying there not good brand those are just an example the affiliate people said.

Affiliation and brand advertising comes with great responsibility. First you got to use the products yourself , second if your promoting something everyone in your network sees it .

If I was to promote something in my author page it will be more disability awareness , products that make life easy for those with disability , educational , or books by other authors.

List where people can get relevant support services.

That’s kind of where if I have time to work on it a little more I have been thinking about.. here on word press I set up ads but I don’t get to choose which adds are added and you don’t really make much money for advising. I think in the whole time I have been on here and ads have run there is something like $2.73 in the ad pot.

That’s a more realistic view of running ads. Unless you have the time to dedicate to it you don’t really make any money. Also though

If your page is full of ads for other products does you on work get sidelined. Something to ponder over.

I am not really looking to make loads of money at of anything Just like to be a supportive network.

I think I have spoken on privious blogs about things we brought that have helped sensory toys, airbeds, products we used while mum was in hospital. Places we have been that have disability access

That is so much more my style

My Brand is Emo The Emotional Elf and that is what we stand for , care ,support , adaptive educations , person centered. approach, family and well-being friendship

Well that’s it for Today