Emo the Emotional Elf

Write about your most epic baking or cooking fail.

his one makes me smile when I think about it,

Morning 😁❤️

My most epic cooking fail goes back to when I started dating my hubby.

I was 18 eager to impress my man so I though I would make him this curry never cooked a proper meal before own normally I just cooked something on toast.

He worked as a DJ but wasn’t working till later that night,

Our first date was at a restaurant h and his brother ran so I had the best dining experience there, I

I was so out to impress him with my new found cooking skills.

I went out brought all the fresh ingredients , it was all going well till I got to the chilli part and instead of adding a small amount I added about half a pot as I didn’t eat spicy food I didn’t taste test.

I thought it was supposed to be hot 🥵

Well anyway while it was finishing cooking I got all dressed up set the table beautifully And waited for him to arrive.

There he was sitting at the table and me watching very mouthful with hopefully eyes that he would like it.

After the first couple of mouthfuls he asked for water the sweat was pouring off him but he continued to eat it all bless him I think he new I was trying and he never once said it was bad, what a gent

.moral of the story of you burn some ones butt with a hot curry and they stick around they a keeper.

Now he has more confidence to telle when my cooking is bad not that it is anymore years of perfecting the art of cooking under my belt now. And his plates are always clean ,

Much Love Faye ❤️❤️