Emo The Emotional Elf

What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

Good Morning , hope your having a lovely start to today,๐Ÿ˜€

Crankshaft oil rings and stretch bolts, the new ones we fitted have sprung a leak, just when you think progress is being made on repairing engine. How to get a new radiator fan to work.

My whole search history is probably car related right now .

Not to forget the new ulez charges now in affect , I bet a lot of people have that in their search history.

Road tax rules yes we have that till 31st of this month can’t renew it till we have an Mot. Can’t get MOT till we get this car fixed.

We need a little more time, we can’t move car which is in the lay bye don’t have a driveway or garage,

Somehow but luck we always got it ready in time before but this year and this problem is a cause for concern.

Being a carer for multiple people a car isn’t a luxury it’s a necessity. It’s an aid to help support people.

It’s kinda driving me a little crazy but still we find we are keeping positive hopefully that we will get it sorted soon.

I am Grateful for the temporary help from family mum helped with some car parts I have my sister inlaws car for a little longer, my hubby has been at this car since it broke, even the neighbours boy and people living around us have been a motivating force , keeping our spirits up.

Getting parts isn’t easy the weather changes , and working around lots of other things. Yes this has been one of the biggest challenges of this year.

We’re going to pop to the dealers of the car today to try get the bolts we need because everyone else is selling them as whole kits and we don’t need to change everything just the bolts and cam seals .Once that’s done and it’s all put back together I don’t think we have any other option but to get a

Full engine diagnostic done we had a quote for 180 pounds for 30-90 minutes they think they can tell us the exact issue, our obd scanner we have only shows a p030 02 sensor , that’s pretty easy to sort.Still doesn’t explain the issue with the fam though

Fan though that has us really confused everything is new the wiring fuses relays .Maybe our problem is something in the ECU there is definitely a signal not getting through. It’s funny really we always got vaxhauls because they easy to work on parts were easy to get.

There great little runners I mean our car certainly has made lots of short trips it had 89000 miles on it when we got it in 2016 now we are in 2023 and the clock has an impressive 164000 miles , that’s a lot of caring miles if you think about it from a carers perspective

It got my own kids through secondary school took my oldest through his uni

years and multiple moves , took us to some amazing places, and many hospital and doctors appointments

My car I wanna just start the engine out my radio on a sing as I drive . Getting a bus as we are all adults now is 6 pound per person for a daily ticket putting petrol in the car is cheaper if we all go out together than the price of a bus .

Sometimes the train tickets are expensive unless you book way in advance , that’s also if there aren’t train strikes to work around.

From a disability perspective you get an option of exchanging the mobility for a car that’s if your not waiting for re-assessments or worrying about if they going to stop that yes that has a big impact of families not knowing if your going to be suddenly left with no access to these things. things.

Sometimes you get stuck in a situation your working hard to sort but it gets so complex you just have to keep working through it , and hopefully you come out with a positive ending to the drama.

through it.