Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s your favorite time of day?

Good morning

Wishing you a beautiful New Week ahead

First thing in the Morning, being the only one up in the house that quite time for first coffee and relax and think about the day Ahead.

Time to get myself ready for the day without anyone wanting my hair dryer or diving in the bathroom before me.

The sound of the birds, cars driving in the background and the sound of planes taking off and landing we live not far from airport but not close enough to to be directly on the take off and landing path.

Sometime I hear the neighbours kids crying and it reminds me of when the kids were small.

Sometimes I check in here at WordPress and do the daily prompt.

I have a bigger blog coming soon I was going to write one last night and it seems my computer has a moment again , all ways seems to play up when I am in the Mood for writing.

This week is a holiday off work for me, time for a little relaxing, and catching up on housework , ironing, and paperwork.

The Car

Yes we still have a broken down car, just about to get more complex Mot runs out Tommorrow and road tax into days although we are going to give it out best

shot today in fixing it we illuminated a lot of older parts , we got to look at water pump housing today , the head is repaired .

The new oil leak we found the other day was a silly mistake when we refit the oil filter, it was the seal so that’s all done.

Still seems like we missed something though , and maybe might of just found the source of it. Today will tell us.If not we shall have to put a temporary sorn notice while we finish the work.and get ready for moy , not exactly how i thought my week pff work will go, but i am chilled about it, you cam always plan for these things what will be will be.

Any way that’s it for this morning Hope you have an uncomplicated week.

Much Love Faye❤️❤️