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What are your top ten favorite movies?

1. Erin Brocavich

Erin Brocavich great movie, if I remember right it’s based on a true story. Those poor families that went through that.

Glad someone took on the companies that caused that. The way she remember names and numbers diagnosis of every person .

The part where she passed the other lawyers the glass of water then told them where it came from after had thier jaws dropping.

Getting the families compensation , the thing is no money can compensate for the pain they went through but I think it was more about holding people accountable for their actions cost cutting and not disposing of toxic waste correctly.

Sad to think companies do that .

2. An officer and a gentleman

A military based movie shows tough training for cadets and how tough it is to train for serving your country. Obviously it covered some sensitive topics suicide abortion issues with parent,Factory work.

But the ending was super romantic when he sweeps her off her feet literally.

3 The Little Woman

A story of four sisters

Who have a very close bond the older sister who married, The writer who pushes boundaries of the time it was set in . The sister who was focused on beauty and and artist and the sister who was a talented pianist who was also rather sickly.

And we can’t forget the boys next door who grew up with friendships with the sisters

It’s a great little movie

4 Dirty dancing

It’s a fantastic movie based in a holiday on a family holiday , a dance movie

Learning to dance and sneaking out .

It is one of them classic movies though that you can never get bored watching .Most moves have that one big line people always Remember.This one it is

Nobody puts baby in the corner.

5 pride and prejudice

If you take away the era of women being groomed for marriage and men and their money being the biggest part of the film it’s a lovely romantic movie .

How times have moved forward from them days,

Don’t get me wrong though in those days it was the way things were people didn’t know any different, they didn’t have the independence women have now, It did show that there was a tiny spark of that independent woman coming through not willing to settle for the wrong person I love the way it’s written on portrayed when it is remade but also love the first

Ever make of it too.

6 Contact

Starting Jodi foster

This is movie that makes you think what’s out there beyond what your believe what you understand , science what your brain can interpret when you see and experience something but don’t have proof to show others, how in the film when she goes to that beach and it’s displayed as her dad to make it easier for her to understand this other this other world. the only proof being this static recording of time but none cam see or experience what she did because they’re brain is not development or ready to understand the complexities.

It’s funny really as a human race we are always looking for more than we know pushing boundaries of what is out there beyond the stars beyond our human reach. To know the unknown.What if we find it are we ready for what comes with it. Will we like what we find or will we wish we never opened Pandora’s box. What makes us want to search to learn more. To push

time barriers

Go Places no Man or women has ever been before.

We visit the past as much as we wish to visit the future. I think we are just inquisitive by nature always searching for

other life

Before I continue sorry if there are mistakes in today’s blog my app is glitchy

7. Center Stage

A movie set in a a ballet company , the training that goes into being a dances only the best will do, it covers eating disorders weight injuries in the sport of brings new style contemporary dance into ballet. There is also the topic of a student and teach relationship and how easy it is to cross that ethical boundary one that

should never be crossed

To there mentors. I did love the dancing the last dance was epic. It also showed the change in what you want out of life. One ballet dancer giving up ballet as she felt it was more her mums dream than her own. And one taking a position up as a principle dancer at a new ballet group as she could not dance the way the top ballet school wanted wanted . But you know it’s the way she was supposed to go where her skills could be better utilized.

8 Coyote Ugly

What a humourous film had me laughing so much , a movie about a small town girl leaving to live her dream as songwriter in The big city leaving behind her widowed dad to look after himself, taking a job as a Coyote girl at a bar to help raise funds for her dream,

Suffering from stage fight could she sing her own songs at an open Mike night to be seen as a song writer. The part in the movie where she auctions her dad of had me roaring with laughter . I really loved this film. Finding a singer to pass her song on choosing Leanne Rhymes Can’t fight the moon light.

9 My best friends Wedding

Another movie staring Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz , a super funny story of a woman food critic and her best friend a man , who had am agreement if they did not find a partner by a certain age they would marry each other just before they reached that age her best friend finds and falls involve with someone, that’s when she realizes she loves him. She embarks on a mission to break them up and keep him for herself if you have seen the movie you will know she has to let him go and made sure she married the man of thier dreams.

10 I am Legend

I watched it at the cinema on a date night with hubby possibly am anniversary can’t quite remember , that movie jad me on the edge of the chair and when the tjing jump out the first time I almost hit the ceiling. God the first time I watched it I think I

gripped his arm very jard