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Create an emergency preparedness plan.

Oh great question ,

I am a woman so I probably have all the important stuff in my hand bag , first aid kits extra chargers phone money probably snacks my bags so heavy I think it may even have the kitchen sink. Lol just kidding 不

Those school fire drills when your kids probably help a lot. They always seemed to happen here on cold wet days. Or when your in your PE kit most places outside your house you look for exit points when you get there, also you have emergency point of contacts , I have Ice on my phone and my kids in case of the need for medical care and you cant talk.

It lists it has emergency contacts , who I am where I live My allergies because that’s. important , also my blood group my wishes on Resuscitation because we live in a world with DNR’s now I don’t want my loved ones making that decision , and hell yes i want to be resuscitated.

I thought about that alot surprisingly and I am almost 50 so good to think about that situation now. Besides I had to be brought back to life as a kid when my heart stopped kind of a miracle considering they pronounced death as the ambulance arrived at the hospital my dad pumped heart for about 45 minutes till the ambulance arrived. look at me 47 years later . You never know what fight people have in them if you don’t give them the opportunity .

Other than that I am a pretty think in the moment kind of person good under pressure.

My kids though because of thier anxiety especially my Jake he has escape plans for every situation, he would rather be prepared for anything.

I think Niki may have too but doesn’t talk about it .

My hubby he is better at dealing with these things , if it’s a major issues you can count on him to take charge and know what to do his cool calm and collected , but if you move something out of place or tiny little niggly things that’s a whole new level of

uncool you should here him if I put the bin bag in wrong or forget to lock the door it’s like I committed a huge crime 不不不不 my family are pretty unique.

I certainly hope we never have to use the Incase of emergency. Or that preparedness because I will still be trying to find my keys or something silly like that, on joking I would do what is necessary to protect my


Much love Faye 歹