Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s the story behind your nickname?

I had a few Nick Names growing up,

But not all of them were complementary.

Each had a little story story behind them

Faye fatty Boom Boom

.I think it was my pickles who named me that I was a little chubby at the time and he took me to see the procession through the town and carnival they had bands and big floats but it was the Queens Guards in the red Suits and tall black fluffy hats banging drums as they walked passed I remember being really scared of the noice and screaming.Idid not like them at all I thought there hats were going to eat me.

But also he called me sweet heart too. I look back now on those memories differently though it was time with my pickles like every weekend he took us out to town we had stopped for lunch in a cafe he would sneakily eat a donut I thinks that’s where I got my love of cakes from.

Actually when I left school at 16 I went on to work my first full time Job in that cafe started cleaning tables then moved to washing up, next was tills and lastly I learnt the right to work in the kitchens.


because my long hair and the fact hugger meant I picked up nits a lot as a kid Hayley too used to get them from school too. The nit combe is proper brutal and mums beauty has to pay saying and the done on the hair with hair brush because we were complaining and moving.

My parents got so fed up with it dad pulled out the pudding bowl and cut our hair short That was also the time the school nurse used to come into school and do the checks and you got sent home with a bottle of the worst sticking not cream.

Here I was around 9 or ten with this dodgy hair cut due to go to my best friend’s party and I saw my dad shaving his face I though it was something everyone did before they went out and tried to shave my face. Ended up going to the party with a real bad hair cut a rara dress it was white with three layers on the bottom and red and but ribbons to trim it, and a massive razor cut on my face.

CupCakes or Fried eggs

this one made me mad I hit puberty a little late and my uncle used to tease me about being a late bloomer. It was just his sense of humour no harm meant by it.

The boys at school called me Rubber lips because I had big lips funny how people are paying lots of money now to enhance there mouth , saved me a few a lot of money because I don’t have to.

Wham Bam thank you Oxfam

just because my clothes were different and most the time they were second hand that’s what you get for being one of the younger girls in the family you get stuff they put grow. Also though I used to love going to the jumble sales is my mum man and aunties after Sunday lunch and coming home to a game of scrabble or dress up in my nans treasure chest of old clothes she had flairs and big platform shoes we all used to argue over who would get to wear them first.

The Boys kinda left me alone after my boyfriend at that time met me from school.

You see most of my Nick names were based on how I looked my body shape my clothes it’s no different then today accept 30+ years have passed.

Before it all used to be in person now kids grow up and it’s not just in person they have to deal with it online too.To be honest it didn’t really affect me and today I kinda look back on them with a smile because they remind me of people

Would I change any of them Nik Names probably not because at the end of the day they just words

Much Love Faye 😁❤️