Emo The Emotional Elf

What do you listen to while you work?

When working with Hayley , she has her favorite songs we listen too.

Anything Boney M, status Quo , Elvis,Hill billy rock, a few other country songs.

Through lockdown. We choose a different song everyday and danced we made little videos to share and send to family just to keep everyone’s spirits up, I still have them now they still make me laugh so much Hayleys personality really shone through.

When I work with Little Tom music is a big part of the routine we have ,

His Favorite ones are going to Ibiza when we pretend we are going on holiday, I just called to say I love you, that one really gets him singing, he also likes the lazy song , Ed Sheeran ,Luis capaldi. And he is a secret rocker loves we will rock you.

Music plays a huge part in our life all aspects.

My Niki she loves musicals and a bit of opera and some alternative music.

Our Jake he loves Jazz and Japanese music.

Our Josh I think he likes a varied choice you put some of the older 90’s tunes on and he probably would do his dances with a cheeky smile on his face.

My hubby was a DJ so he plays music all the time we have days he plays party sets and I just can’t resist dancing to them. But yes we listen to all kinds of music

Greek music defo and some salsa.

I do share a song choice almost every day what ever I feel in the moment all though it’s just a link to it on you tube. And no dance videos now. Find memories that kept us going through the boardroom of lock down.

The use of music with work brings an element of communication, some exercise great for stress relief .

That’s it for now though I will leave you a song choice for today 😁😁 just because I like to start the day with a smile

Much Love Faye ❤️❤️❤️