Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s your go-to comfort food?

Comfort food that is something that changes all the time , I used to have a very sweet tooth, chocolate or cakes.

Now though it’s more savoury than sweet

Salami and halloumi,beetroot or marmite or peanut butter spinache

Any kind of Crackers.

My biggest go to comfort food was always Tin Tomatoes on toast with cheese got me through the teenage years.

Middle of the night though I have this one bad habit of I get the shakes in head for the Coke cola maybe it’s a drop in sugar levels or a bad dream but it normally does the trick the shakes stop after a minute of drinking it. I get the night time shakes bad sometimes it wakes me up. That’s why you find me popping up online at random times in the night waiting for it to stop

That’s really the only time I comfort eat

Any way that’s it for now

Night Night 😁❤️