Emo The Emotional Elf

Which activities make you lose track of time?

Good Morning , Writing ,especially if I have photos to share as well.

Old photo as I still haven’t got dressed or brushed my hair yet , slow and steady thisorning

I get a little hyper focused on layouts , I thinking I got more hyper focused when I added the SEO to the blog I thought maybe it would help with just some issue I have with making it more readable but to be honest it made it a little more confusing.

It you press the little eye pic and it highlights where you need to change it shorter sentences reword things.

When I write what I read makes sense to my brain but writing should definitely be more readable to your audience then yourself.

Sometimes you can hyper focus on mistakes that it crushes creativity.

Short prompt blogs like these help you write shorter blogs. There in the moment go for it kinda situations you say what you think.

I think they are a great way of your audience getting to know you as a person as a writer.

A get to know you and why they should invest in a copy of your book.

I love the prompt post because I can sit here while I have my morning coffee and waiting for everyone else to wake up it has a calming affect.

I think it has slowly become a part of this new improved Morning routine.

The calm before the day starts, and your going about all the chores the family stuff the work.

You focus on the writing and not what is surrounding you an ever growing list of things to do.

Even though as I focus on this , I can still see in the perifaral view that my dishwasher needs loading , there are carpets in my garden andy dinning table . I am drying Jake’s suit for his interview today, I still have to take down the birthday decorations. My hubby has way to many shoes by the back door.

you know that song by Miley “I can buy myself flowers” I can and I did, but I always forget to change the water.

We also were given a pa music system by a neighbour it needs a little work but when when have street events my hubby normally does the music so having this will be great for the bigger get together with the neighbours. Only it’s been sitting in the same place in my kitchen waiting for its own space to sit when not in use.Where though I don’t know quite yet

I stubbed my toe on it so any times just trying to get in to the cutlery draw🤣

So there you go it’s not just writing that makes me lose track of time it’s also thinking about the things I need to do that really makes me lose track of time. Making lists of things to do and forgetting to actually do them because you working out where to start .

Or am I avoiding doing them Probably actually definitely just while I sit here and have my coffee it’s not going anywhere, it’s still going to be there in half an hour after this real slow start to the day.

The family is still asleep so I can take my time

Much Love Faye ❤️