Emo The Emotional

What bothers you and why?

Time to get Truthfully , this one’s easy Silence.

It makes me worried about people that’s the real truth.

The few times I haven’t been able to get hold of my mum is when she has been admitted to hospital. And is not able to answer. I feel that something is wrong . Can’t really explain it other than it’s like anxiety.

Silence gives your mind time to wander and lets negative thoughts in that’s why I like to be busy doing things the majority of the time.

But also years of having phone calls home from schools , when they no longer happen it’s a good thing but you are still on edge waiting for the call.

Most of it goes with being a carer, your so in time with people’s needs when they don’t need you it’s very quite

I used to instinctively know when that phone call is coming minutes before it does, almost like a six sense.

Maybe because I am quite spiritual and pick up on things easily.

It bothers me because I really care with all my heart.

When I ask people if they are ok it’s a genuine question I want for people to be in a good place in their life.

It didn’t start with my mum or kids though it’s been from childhood when my Grandmother was diagnosed with Huntington’s and my step Grandfather turned to drink .

I probably a little intense for some people that’s ok though I get that.

That’s it for today’s prompt

Much love Faye ❤️❤️