Emo The Emotional

Are you seeking security or adventure?

Good Evening, I can’t choose between these too, security and contentment is great it’s homely and safe .

I guess that comes with being a carer though that comfort creating safe secure kind of space is real important to me just because of life experiences, I have unfortunately witnessed.

There is a very big part of me that loves that security.

But equally there is this more willful , mischievous , outgoing extrovert part of my personality that loves adventure trying new things experiencing the thrill you know the kind that gets your heart pumping that little glint in your eye.

The want to see and experience new things without having plans and backups or incase of emergency.

To walk barefoot in a field of flowers , dance in the rain ride a roller coaster ,Jump out of a plane.

Spare of the moment spontaneous adventure not to think just jump in head first without hesitation without fear or thought. Not to worry about the outcome.

But I will probably for the foreseeable future stick to plan making and comfy zone

With a little bit of mischief on the side.

Night night much love Faye 😁❤️