Emo The Emotional Elf

If you could host a dinner and anyone you invite was sure to come, who would you invite?

Wow what a question.

To be Honest I have only ever had family come to dinner parties.

I made some great friends that I would love to invite over for a dinner party but really because of our family and how it works I don’t know if that could happen.

My home is my kids safe space they can cope with family but not sure how it would work with others maybe if I invited people over when they were younger it might be different, but mostly I am with family anyway so I don’t have friends that close in the person sense I have made great friends on various different platforms I would me them out side of the home before inviting them home though.

We have great neighbours who I would love to invite to dinner once my house is all sorted.

And Niki sometimes brings her friends home.

That’s it really

Much Love Faye ❤️❤️