Emo The Emotional Elf

How do you express your gratitude?

With a big thank you and sometimes Flowers.๐Ÿ˜ also being available to who ever helped ,

I am a quite expressive person anyway,ย 

Depends on the situation.

Also I used to have a diary where I would write things I am Grateful for when our life was a lot more hectic and just after the children got their diagnosis . I wrote everything we were going though at that time.

There is something quite powerful about turning a negative situation into something positive, being grateful for all the hard things because they teach you how to change, being grateful for life challenges as they shape the person you become.

Gratitude turned me into a writer and kind of set me free .

Then there is gratitude when someone helps you out, or someone supports you .sometimes a thank you just doesn’t seem enough and and can’t even begin to say how that person made your day better

Mutual gratitude is also a great thing, For example it’s when you help someone in return for the help they gave you.

My sister-in-law kindly has lent me her car while mine is off the road, and I kinda feel guilty I have to borrow it for longer than expected, she said to me the other day don’t worry borrow as long as you need it I will let you know when I need it back. But also your helping us by having Holly for a week at the end of July . That is an example of mutual gratitude

Life has a way of being the best guide keeping you grounded about what’s important it’s not the belongings but the people that really matter.

I feel a lot of gratitude for my health it means I can help others with there’s


I have a lot of gratitude for my work and care job it came into my life at the right time and and changed my career direction I was working 2pm to 10pm shift in retail away from my kids and family when the opportunity came up. It’s helped me be home be present for my kids for the most important times of thier life the hardest times of their lives and the best times of their lives

Well there is souch to be grateful for but that’s it for now

Much Love Faye ๐Ÿ’•