Emo The Emotional Elf

What are you most worried about for the future?

Good afternoon, this isn’t such a tricky question and as a parent carer I probably feel exactly the same way as other parent carers.

When our kids grown up and go on to independent living how they will cope, being a support network for them from a distance reaching them when they need it most. Not being to overprotective that we limit them.

Who will be there support when we are no longer around.

We definitely have to keep on with the independence they may depend on it in the future when we aren’t there

The quietness without them here, here I can read there faces mannerisms tell when they need that extra closeness and support a photo can’t do that especially if they are not sharers.

Then there the thing most people worry about today finances, you can prepare have back ups be clear of debt then wham it’s gone. It can happen to even the most financially smart people look at how many people lost so much through lock down, care

Health is another thing we worry about in our future. Access to care treatments medicine, mental health support.

War the world shows us this is the here and now will it really change in the future.

Global warming and sustainable future for generations after us.

Living without loved ones who are no longer here.

I try to think of one day at a time deal with the here and now of the things I can change to make future better.

What a question today’s daily prompt was

Much Love faye xx