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How do you practice self-care?

Good Morning 😁

Self care comes from being kind to yourself , the words you say to yourself. What you eat,drink. Not comparing yourself to others,

Self care isn’t just about giving yourself a pamper, a night off a new outfit.

Although those things are a great thing to put on the self care list.

Self care is also about keeping yourself in a healthy space physically and mentally.

Self care is learning to really know things that help you feel at peace. That make you laugh.

Music , writing , nature , reading photography getting creative.

Having healthy relationships with people. Switching off from negative news streams

Having healthy Boundaries. And goals you want to achieve, and relaxing if they take longer than expected. There is no time limit on self care it will always be a lifetime on going thing.

You can work hard and still practice self care.

Self care is also working on Finances , and working towards the goal of financial stability.

Self care is learning to listen to what your body needs. Self care is switching off and sleeping.

Self care is accepting yourself how you are , who you are. Life is full of good and bad positive and negative you can’t have life without either negative is motivation and inspiration for change that is sometimes needed for you to grow as a person.

It’s also not just about what you do for yourself it’s what you put out into the world making someone else smile helping others that always makes you feel great more so then when you do things for yourself.

Self care is always individual choice and freedom to choose.

Have a beautiful new week

Much love Faye xx❤️