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What’s the one luxury you can’t live without?

Good. morning How are you today 😁🌞

This question is great but had me really thinking, daily prompt are a great way to wake your brain up in the morning.

I don’t think it’s a straight forward question though because luxury to everyone is different.

Family and friends is the one thing I can’t live without spending quality time with them is always a luxury.

But if we are talking about an item the logical one would be a phone or tec.

Is a phone really a luxury these days?

I mean I think it is a necessary item to have in a world today for work, home life booking medical and doctors appointments even schooling there’s a multitude of apps you have to download just to communicate with all the different aspects of life. With things being less in person and more via apps. It’s no wonder there is a lot more people with anxiety of in person events. lock down showed us just how much that could increase anxiety levels and impact mental health.

So is it really a luxury or does it create a whole new set of issues.

How many people now have to detox from technology because it has a impact on mental health.

My garden that is a luxury not everyone has is it really a luxury fore though if it’s my calm place my sanctuary to shut out the world just got a while it’s important fory health to be able to have a space to just sit to not think to relax.

My bath that’s a luxury and a blessing I sometimes get bad migraines and my back plays up from an old injury on occasion so it’s great muscle relaxant an helps to ease that built up tension and it’s lovely to sit and soak just to release it.

Is it a luxury though when the minute you put your foot in the water you here Mum where’s my !! Faye do you know where!!!

The dishwasher that’s a luxury and a god send things move quickly here between work and the family I am always in and out of my house like a yo-yo so getting things cleaned up quickly is more of a convenience than a luxury. My son thinks it’s a nuisance because he says it never cleans things properly. He is always trying to wash up by hand. Is it a luxury especially now with the cost of electricity at such a high price or it it a money draining item .

My car is it a luxury , it brakes down a lot we can’t afford to replace it, so we fix it as much as we can ourselves it causes stress sometimes.Being a carer and supporting multiple people it is a disability aid it’s it Carry’s around the most prescious people.

It gives them mobility and freedom to to have a quality of life. It gives them access to all the extra appointments they need .

Which are sometimes not local to where you live , it gives them access to education . That can’t be provided locally. See o. Thinking like a carer and thinking about it through lived experience. So I wouldn’t say it’s a luxury so much depends on the ability to have my car available when others need it.

My Laptop I got from my hubby as a birthday gift is a luxury but also a pain. Because because the soft wear always crashes hindering my writing.

So I guess the answer is all of the above but I don’t consider them as luxury they are essential to be able to work and support.

That’s it for now a slightly longer answer to a question that has many perspectives on what is luxury.

Much love Faye xxx❤️