Emo The Emotional Elf

Do you have any collections?

Good morning, personally I am not a collector but my hubby and kids are over the years I kinda got involved in my kids collections ,

Pokemon. We still have those, Yu-Gi-Oh , magic cards. We have superman collections batman , Frogs, pop figures, Niki’s new collection is monster high dolls.

Obviously we have a collection of gaming from Nintendo to some retro ones.

If I was to say I collected anything probably would be inspirational quotes have them on the walls in many rooms although I haven’t brought any for a while.

My hubby has massive collection of records, cds, and all things DJ probably some rare ones somewhere in his collection.

He also collects useable things tools screws in every size or anything he might need one day but really should be thrown away. Believe me i tried to get rid of something’s and they always end up going through what I sort out and put them back agian

We cannot for get the collection of shoes boots coats and wigs , maybe I have a collection of party stuff and candles too.

That’s it for now though it kind of changed through the years and amounts to taking up a whole heap of space we really don’t have

School run time hope you have a fab day

Much love Faye xx