Emo The Emotional Elf

Do you vote in political elections?

The answer to this question is a big no.

Big changes are needed first 💯

Protecting our most vulnerable community , our elderly being treated with dignity and support , investment in mental health, youth projects, school support services.

Access to after hospital care so people have a real chance of recovery.

Access to our doctors and dentists.

Proper support for our veterans and homeless.more parks and changing rooms for those with disabilities , because all kids need to play and even adults need access to suitable changing rooms that are accessable.

Carers services so they can stay healthy for those they support.ibdontean just sitting in a room and chatting , practice support so they can go to appointments.

Not untill they act correctly and that’s all parties.

Have you ever watched them all in Parliament no one listens to each other it’s like a free for all , geers name calling, inappropriate behaviour.

I can’t stand politics it’s one of them subjects that spreads anger turns friends and families against each other. Causes big devision.

All making wild promises they don’t keep, as soon as they get there seats.

I have switched it off completely in my home.

I have yet to meet a politician I feel worthy of voting for. Maybe a new generation of politician will bring something fresh to the table.

My one and only post on politics.

I better stop talking about this subject this is the second draft the first I saved and didn’t publish not even sure I want to publish this but shall as it’s the daily prompt.

Ending with a cute photo of Emo always great to end a negative with a smile

Good night Hope you have a beautiful weekend ❤️

Much love Faye xx