Emo The Emotional Elf

When you were five, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A Fairy

I have very little recollection from when I was that young only funny little stories my parents and family talk about at family events.

But if I wanted to be anything it would probably be a fairy , πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Emo the Emotional Elf is not that different only can’t fly.

I love these prompts this one made me smile. Which is a great thing today focus on something different then my sudden car issues.

So wish my engine looked this fine

We changed the thermostat recently and somehow the car is showing the same issue thankfully it happened today and not when I have the long drive to pick mum up from hospital Tommorrow.

Things happen for a reason at the right time we are taking dad’s car, about time we used some of his milage instead of mineπŸ˜‚

The last few days having been preparing things for mums release and after being in lockdown with no visitors because of The dreaded Nora virus she is eager to leave the hospital. She is spending one night at her home with her Marty before we pick her up to stay with us and build her strength a little and get a support package set up where she lives.

I have the night shift tonight with little Tom and Hayley. Tom’s mum and dad are having a date night.

Today is making sure Niki gets prepared for her Autism all stars event Tommorrow first time she is making her own way to and from has to happen sometime.

Making a cake and home cooked meal for mums Marty. He has been shifting his time between my mum at the hospital and his mum at the hospital Another reason mum is going to stay with us so he can sort things for his mum and he is not split between hospitals and work

Dad and me always share the driving we got quite a good system for the journey now and have found the route that works best for us. This time though we don’t have to do the hills of Bath and are traveling to mums home in Wiltshire to pick her up.

We got a new cap for the water bottle on the car arriving this afternoon so hopefully that will sort the issue and maybe just be a quick fix rather than something major like dead car πŸ˜‚

They say your not sent challenges you can’t handle with a little humour.

Savings and trust funds

The government trust fund that Jake can now access since he turned 18 is proving to be another issue to sort out it’s so secure we can’t even access it. Not all 18 year olds have bills in there name or photo ID so we sorted the ID with a Uk citizens card was the quickest route to getting photo ID in his circumstances , uploading those to be able to set up his portal is a bit of an issue. The 30 day process has taken multiple phone calls and still needs some work. I guess they have a rush of 18 year olds who don’t want to keep investing and are wanting to cash them in for deposits for cars uni funds or just want that security of having it in there bank hopefully it will be sorted soon though.

On further researching it we are not the only families having difficulty sorting it out.

The thing about blogging is talking about things that throw issues up then maybe things can be done to make these type of things run smoothly. Definitely a learning curve for entering the world of adulthood.

We have now hit the Easter Holidays with school closing for a few weeks , Jake has a couple of afternoon study sessions at the school during the holidays , those big exams coming up soon and then the graduation and prom. Did I mention it’s almost April seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Christmas. who pushed the speed button on time

Time to get creative

Have a beautiful Day and weekend Much love Faye x