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Good evening , so after a little delay in one of Niki’s surprise gifts arriving late this afternoon and it going down well, I can talk about the idea of the frog outfit

Our Niki collects frogs ornaments and loves frogs when I was scrolling through Amazon for birthday gifts I came across this cute frog outfit, my eyes little up my imagination running with it, the idea popped in my head to say this was it, kind of like when I saw Emo in the shop window, childish insperation. I sat at the table with my coffee, just then my husband came and sat at the table too, I looked at the frog outfit and then at him the biggest smile on my face he asked me what I was laughing and smiling about , so I told him about the frog outfit he smiled too untill I said Niki is so used to seeing me dressed up in silly outfit imagine her face if her dad came round the corner dressed as a frog, at first he exclaimed no way, then I got the giggles imagine how funny it will be you could dance to crazy frog. He laughed too as he thought I was just joking looking T him with a smile on my face I selected it in his size and hit the buy button but didn’t tell him first I had to share the idea with Jake and Josh a bit of child pressure just what I needed to get him out of his comfort zone and his backside in the outfit.

I could barley keep a straight face I definatlry couldn’t keep my excitement in when it arrived today. Niki new she had one more surprise I don’t think she would of ever guessed that. We recorded it on video which I will share in this blog it’s a memory never to be forgotten my tummy still hurts from laughing so much he did an amazing job. The fairy tale was given a twist of mischief and prince charming a magic kiss which turned him into a frog.

One of the things I have always loved about my hubby is his ability to make me laugh to me that is an important thing to have.

I laughed so much anytime I feel down I can now look at this photo so cute a frog he makes

See what mean laughter is good for you.

Here is the video evidence , excuse my bad counting I knew what would happen when we got all the way down to 1 couldn’t focus 🀣🀣🀣 had to add it as a link because to big a file to upload


Also Niki got some new boots with her birthday money they also arrived today she loves them a pair in pink and a pair in black , they are called Demonia boot. She had a pair all ready but she wore them so much she Wore them out she was super happy when they came today. They are great quality for the money she spent, Surprisingly they are quite a conversation starter we been stopped by parents asking where she gets them because there kids have been wanting some, on many occasions great topic for getting Niki to talk to people .

She was so excited just before they arrived I got 17 messages are they thier yet I’m anxious, plus a face time as a pickle , I love her so much she makes me smile

I get lots of these funny face times πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

But that’s it had to share these funny moments because I got the hubby to dress as a 🐸😁😁

Good night much love Faye ❀️