Emo the Emotional Elf

This is a page to do with my book Emo the Emotional Elf
This book was created over December 2016 to January 2017.

I am the. Author of this book but I am in the process of becoming a published author.

This is all very new to me and a challenge to learn the new skills needed to set up web pages and learning marketing skills.

I am truly coming at it with a positive attitude but am finding it a little frustrating as to add things like links and

Creating the site as I see it moving forward to advancing my book, I truly want to reach a very wide audience with my book in hope that it will help other families,as it has mine.

The book has so many endless unique qualities that I believe brings something very down to earth and non judgemental way, of assisting in raising awareness of very important issues close to my heart and that of my family’s.

I hope the unique way in which it has been written to high light self esteem self awareness, kindness, compassion,and most importantly acceptance of others personalities, even if they are not the same as another our own.

I also hope the book helps other families that have gone through berivement as our family has by just saying goodbye in a non confronting way, I also hope it has the ability for adults to use it as a tool to bring up the subjects in a sensitive way with children or adults to help them feel able to talk, talking about our grief or about our difficulties we face in life is ok.

Talking about all the emotions others have is a good way to help learn resilience and understand our own feelings because it helps us to heal, it also gives us an ability to make changes for ourselfs which in turn helps us as an indevidual learn to respect outselves and be more tolerant of others opinions and feelings.

As you are aware our family has been on a journey with diagnosis of autism, anxiety, and tourettes and very small and minor medical issues.

But as a family on a whole we have Huntington’s deiese so the losses and grieving process will be on going for quite a while.That is ok for each and everyone of my family to take their time and learn to live with the pain of loss and unanswered questions that cannot be answered because of the condition.

That is just the end and beginning of the book the story of the the elves and their mischiveous antics I hope will have you laughing and giggling with your families.

I hope the book will get to be read in library’s and schools and homes. I hope it can be in family clinics at hospitals so those going through diagnosis know they are not alone.

I hope it will be a book families can pass and share for generations to come as I know it will live in my families hearts forever a lasting memory of good and bad times made stronger by reaching out and communicating our feelings and needs to strengthen our bond.

The creation of a miracle that puts our feet firmly on the ground for a brand new way of life just as the indevidual we are not changing to fit in but changing society’s veiw of what is normal so that everyone has the very best chance to be the best them.

Many thanks and I hope to continue updating the journey of steps till published and then beyond once it is reaslesed it would be so lovely to hear the feed back what ever it is so any future work from me as an author can write with a much better veiw of the world.

But in order to get the help I need with publishing and editing given my little issues surrounding my difficulties in spelling and some times Gramma I am fully aware I need to pay towards these things as after all publishing is a buisness and they are providing a service I need I have to raise the funds a sum of £2600 I have already in three months raised £890 from donations from others and from what little spare I have been putting in my self.

This is why I set up the GoFundMe page in order to raise what I need every single part of this journey is new to me and even on days when sadness over takes I have looked at this project with hope and positivity that soon it will be fully published.


Many thanks

Hugs Faye xx