Emo the Emotional Elf Book #EmotheEmotionalElf #christmas #elves #emotions #autism #anxiety #mentalhealth #awareness Here is some of the videos and pictures of our journey some I have already shared some are new this site is a work in Progress so please bare with me as I make it how I want it . This is a safe space to talk and share, as I learn the new features and developed my indevidual site. I am happy to follow and read others stories too. Release of Emo the Emotional Elf is so very soon. I hope to be able to add others comments on book or share others veiws on it. Like with many first time authors it is a bit up and down on nerves going through the process but it is the most invigorating and and AWSOME journey. Maybe a once in a life time . I guess it is how I develope on from that first book, I did start another book but wanted to give my all to this one first to give it the very best chance. I hope our story will encourage more to have the openess to share Thier journey’s how it affects them as indeviduals and as a family. I don’t think Thier are any families that are the same as everyone else going through it. If I can share some of the things that truly help our family, it could be something someone else haven’t tried but could help them in some way. Even if it is nothing other then reading and listening to what worked for them. As Thier tips may also help in situations with my family. I want this site to be a safe place for people to visit because they may see a post that resonates with them, and they might just leave A comment,. Have a beautiful End to June and an even better July. Here in July the children break up from school so can get a little crazy busy but I will keep up with the post on the book Or share a little of our success or harder days. That is what Emo is all about not sugar coating things to show a perfect life but a life of many emotions good days harder days but most of all family days. Here are some pictures and some of the creative ways our children have got involved over the development of the book. Some by my kids and some from the children I work with.