Emo The Emotional Elf

#1 priority Tomorrow is Family

What’s your #1 priority tomorrow?

Going to start the week in full swing again we picked up mum Yesterday so spending time with her , Getting mum an appointment with the nurse for an INR blood test Thursday so he dental work can be finished we have to get her blood to right thickness for it to be done.

Night ❤

Dropping our Niki to her volunteer job,

Hayley has an appointment for getting her ears syringed and cleaned out so hopefully she will be able to hear again and we won’t have to hear her say , What , what did you say, pardon. Its really bothered her a lot.

Spend sometime with our Jake.

Maybe get back out on car with hubby give it one last shot armt solving the issue.

Get my computer fixed so I cam write a bigger blog.

Pay some bills.

Maybe some book marketing if I can squeeze it in.

Starting the week full on.

Day in a life of a mum,daughter, carer Author, I best get some some sleep soon.

Any way that’s it for now much love Faye 💘xxx

All these things are equally as important so there isn’t really a no 1 thing.

Emo the Emotional Elf

Brand association

What brands do you associate with?

I am not a brand kind of woman to be honest, That’s the truth recently I have had a few people contact me about running ads for brands on my author page like an affiliate program type thing.

They want to pay about 2000 to run one ad for 24 hours 7 days a week each ad different and they say it will be relevant to my page. Seems a little to easy and good to be true.

I mean these are brands like Nike , Puma and things like that they don’t have any relevance to my page at all really and not something I wear

I am not saying there not good brand those are just an example the affiliate people said.

Affiliation and brand advertising comes with great responsibility. First you got to use the products yourself , second if your promoting something everyone in your network sees it .

If I was to promote something in my author page it will be more disability awareness , products that make life easy for those with disability , educational , or books by other authors.

List where people can get relevant support services.

That’s kind of where if I have time to work on it a little more I have been thinking about.. here on word press I set up ads but I don’t get to choose which adds are added and you don’t really make much money for advising. I think in the whole time I have been on here and ads have run there is something like $2.73 in the ad pot.

That’s a more realistic view of running ads. Unless you have the time to dedicate to it you don’t really make any money. Also though

If your page is full of ads for other products does you on work get sidelined. Something to ponder over.

I am not really looking to make loads of money at of anything Just like to be a supportive network.

I think I have spoken on privious blogs about things we brought that have helped sensory toys, airbeds, products we used while mum was in hospital. Places we have been that have disability access

That is so much more my style

My Brand is Emo The Emotional Elf and that is what we stand for , care ,support , adaptive educations , person centered. approach, family and well-being friendship

Well that’s it for Today

Emo The Emotional Elf

A Little thing called energy

What things give you energy?

Me in a nutshell

I have always been this hyperactive person , since a kid could never eat anything with e102 in it or to much sugary stuff has me bouncing off the walls.

I never really can sit still for long always have to be moving and doing something.

It’s probably why I am good at caring and working with kids I have all this energy.

Probally the coffee too though , the minute I wake up I am bouncy and positive rarig to get the day started. Eager to lift everybody else up and getting things moving.

Like right now I should be tired but I am still buzzing I think sleep is going to take a long time to happen tonight.

I might be a little over excited though We should have the car ready to start up tomorrow , comic com is going to be at the local sports center so takin Jake Niki is voulenterring with autism all stars at the event.

It’s also my 29th wedding anniversary Tommorrow well technically now , so looking forward to an evening of hubbies company cooking a meal and we normally listen to music we not going out. I actually prefer having a meal at home with music maybe dancing , and movie my idea of a perfect evening.

That’s it for now Good night much love Faye ❤️

Emo The Emotional Elf ,

Music is good for the soul

What would your life be like without music?

Music is an important part of my life,my work,my family.

Full on party mode

Music is like a therapy in a lot of ways,

Different genres, they tell stories with they tell stories with the lyrics,

I have a husband who I met through music a family who grew up with music.

It reduces anxiety gives you focus , makes you laugh cry, be a little crazy, it inspires.

You can get lost in music.

Music cam help you destress on hard days take you though life’s celebrations.

I think a life without music would be very dull.

Even if you can’t here music you can feel the vibrations , have you ever put your hand on a speaker and closed your eyes you can feel it buzzing through your fingers.It’s

It’s not just the lyrics , the voice it’s each of the elements that gone into a song the great creativity , how you get the instruments to come in just at the right time.

Then the music goes on to show the film the advert, the social media post , they become etched in your memory.

Music cam transport you back to memories of when you first heard it what you were doing who you were with.

What song do you think of as an important part of your life ?

The very first song you danced to as a little baby , in shows that mesmerize you in first stages of life, Your first dance as a married couple , seeing in a New Year, even saying goodbye to loved ones there is always music there by your side through all aspects of your life.

Much love Faye ❤️❤️