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Hi all, on this page I really want to concentrate on having a dedicated space for book signings author event’s. While I have shown these events in previous posts, I am learning as I go on about how to develop my work. I also want to show growth in my presentation and work. From a mum who wrote a story for her kids to a published author of

‘Emo The Emotional Elf’

It seems that being an author is every bit of a battle field as Send, and diagnosis, it is one step forward and ten steps back, but you get up and try again you find another way to get where you need to be. As you know you know the book was first partnership published in 2018 with the partnership between myself and Melrose Books, I never dreamed two weeks later myself and other authors with this company would lose everything we invested personally i raised the money with my children’s help to pay my part of the publishing deal, a big whopping £2600. The day before the before they put a notice up on there Facebook page they posted a picture of me at the event, they did not even have the courtesy to inform us personally, it was a devastating set back. I had 2 choices give up everything i work for noing how much it helped our family to laugh again after some really tough years or get up and find another way

Whats that saying: nothing ventured, nothing Gained

Of course I am the i am not the kind of person to give up, i got up and started the journey again on my own as a self published author and release is imminent

The Big Day 5th August 2019

Not only paper back but the E-book that wasn’t fulfilled under the previous contract

I never in a million years thought I would ever stand up in front of other’s showing my book talking about our experiences as a family or even giving talks about the challenges of being a first time author, but here I am two and a half years later from that very first word written booking other events to attend and share my book.

I must admit the research into books in this category leaves me more them a little nervous. I here that some places are pulling books that have cures for autism and treatments. I want to first let you know right now that is Not my book and to be perfectly honest I wouldn’t personally read one.

The book is about family life over Christmas, whist in the process of our family accepting and understanding the diagnosis of autism and showing that the laughter the family had over the Christmas period indeed helped them face many social fears related to the autism diagnosis and anxiety disorder. To deal in a kind and gentle way of loss of family. None of us knew how this would help us beat fears of needles dentist and doctors or that it would have such a positive self esteem building quality to it. My kids learned to love school and reading again for the first time in many years, the phone calls from school slowly becoming less and less the Ehcp completed, back in full time school no exclusions any more. The support in place.

My book was written with my children present and each day they were left laughing at the little elf story, that is all I wanted them to have peace and to smile again.

Everything about this book is with them not for them, for i am teaching if mum can write a book despite her disability with written word then they can despite the things that make it challenging for them. They can, They will, you watch them go

Sorry for long start up but it is leading us now too the main reason for this page that is the Events and signings.

Here we are, the first event came about at the last minute I saw a post about a local author event , to start with i thought I might be to late to book myself to attend the event, but i took that very first step one email, i was delighted when they said they had a space left.

My first event and book signing.

Planning in advance is the ease bit, last minute you for a first time author very anxiety inducing I was with the publishers still at this point so a phone call to them to let them know and order more book marks and leaflets.

Which cost me extra, for anyone starting their journey to publishing your pockets will get thinner by the day, unless you have an agent or traditional publishers who give you advance, your going to have to dig deep yourself not always easy on limited funds, or if you spent all your investment in a company that goes into liquidation.

Event was at the local library in Crawley on 13th October 2018

I ordered a big standup sign displaying my book and my publishers at that time it was a beautiful investment , now not so good have to temporarily use tape too cover publishers name till I can get a new one, if your going to invest in one just have your book and details added unless you really have a great understanding of who you go into partnership with, and their company business dealings easy to find this info out from company house or endole. I wish I knew about this before I signed. here are some pictures of the before event prep and event itself.



WAS a great day although I was extremely nervous , the other authors made me feel welcome and at home, some of them just as nervous then me. It was lovely to have the support of family and friends who came to get books and show their support, my son had kung fu that morning so dad took over mum duties with Jake, and it finished just in time for me to join them both at Jakes graduation. wouldn’t have wanted to miss that.

Event number 2

The connections and friends I made at the first event, spoke to me about another event coming up and I managed too get another chance too share my book at this event. Although now I am no longer in partnership with Melrose books at the time of this event, and I am nowhere near having a book other than my own copies to sell, I still went ahead and booked my place on the event, me being who i am i took it another step out of my comfort space and I went one step further and signed myself up for my first author talk.

The Challenges of a first time author

This event was different , this time I took my kids along to help and to see me do something she was anxious about something they also have trouble with, standing in front of people and talking, I hoped it would give them the courage one day to do this themselves at school when they needed to it has helped Niki she has run a few assembly’s since. Jake is working up to it he will one day when he is ready, he did however go on stage and collect his awards so maybe not to far in the distance it will happen for him too.

Giving the talk was a little awkward to start with but looking in little Jakes eyes and having bullet point really made it so much easier, answering questions from the audience the room built up quicker and fuller then i expected but it was a super experience for me and the kids.

Prep before this time we had to do it ourselves new book marks, posters business cards, bags. The kids designed and made Keyring’s this is one lesson at school they both learned that i can as a mum say see i told you it would come in use in your life time , Enterprise skills making and selling products. It is good schools teach this it helps them learn the value of money and what work they put into the product.

The Event- UK SOUTHERN BOOK SHOW 28th October 2018

Set and held at the beautiful Field place barns in Worthing UK

A picture perfect setting the grounds were so lovely the kids had space to go if their anxiety became bad, my kids struggle in social situations but they really worked hard, and spoke to the other authors even picking up some new books themselves which they loved. Even my NIki was captivated by the book she brought.

I was so glad to share this with my kids

I also made some lovely author friends who are running an event at the Brighton and Hove Christmas Book Fair, this is an event I will be at have already secured a place, the perfect time for my little Christmas book. I will post the details at end of post for where I will be a tending and details or where to find tickets these are events I am attending not running myself . so tickets have to come from those running it. It is here I made more new author friends who have helped me a lot, shared some amazing tips, and invited me to my next event.

Third event 6th July 2019

The amazing Hillpark upper school, Summer Fair in Portslade UK

This one slightly different a school not just any school but a fantastic school that also works with kids with special needs including autism, the very kind of place i want to share my book with, to help other families going through similar journey’s as ours some have had longer time with their children’s diagnosis then me , we all share similar experiences with getting support and EHCP’S, and all it entails of bring up our special kids. Here I donated a book to the raffle as the school was raising money, the Lady who one it messaged me after saying she loved it and that the bit about Yai- yai in it she loved, she didn’t know my family is Greek too. she has children with autism also. she asked me if I could attend an event at her sons school but my car broke down so was able to make it too that one but she is running a summer fair through her work with Amaze so I have got a place at that event too, just have to drop off fee for table once school brakes up and I am also donating a book for the raffle there too.

These are now part of my past events, fantastic experiences great personal growth, new friendships an a whole new fun way to learn and grow as an author.

Here are links to future events and how you can attend.

Brighton and Hove Christmas book fair 23rd of November 2019

The other event that has yet to be confirmed is

Friends Of Hangleton Park Summer Festival

24th August 2019 from 12:00-16:00

check out link for more info on day and tickets, will let you know next week if place is confirmed.

more updates to follow and share as our journey continues

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