Emo The Emotional Elf

Invent a holiday! Explain how and why everyone should celebrate.

Peace on Earth Holiday , Idealistic and defiantly invented, but wouldn’t it be a lovely thing for everyone to celebrate

No fighting , no hate, no negativity.

Say you’re sorry for the harm that’s been caused. From past mistakes, we can not change. Develop and learn not to repeat them.

Why? Because it’s something we all want to live with, freedom and peace.

How should we celebrate ,

Spread kindness like you want for yourself and loved ones.

collectively building what we destroyed, making every land beautiful once again.

And learning to share in that beauty.

Imagine though if it wasn’t an invented holiday but a reality of humankind.

Imagine a world holiday celebration where all people brought their traditional food dressed in traditional clothing and music, bringing all languages countries cultures religions and saying let’s make this change so we all can live in peace.

Imagine. A.large dining table with everyone given a seat that covers the distance and spaces between us all

I write this with Rose coloured glasses as this would be my ideal holiday and life,

Our world is worth loving for , not fighting for

Much love faye ❀️

Good night

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