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FINANCES and Book Marketing finishing setting up shop, home improvement

What details of your life could you pay more attention to?

Counting the pennies

Good Morning , good prompt I guess finances are on everyone’s mind a little what ever sector you work in.

Cost of living much higher lots of people tightening there belt making hard decisions on what’s a necessity at the same time having time to fit in the occasional fun activity. Just to break up the extra work you have to do just to put food on table heat your home pay your bills.

I DONT THINK finances are ever off my mind to be honest always a work in progress a lot of shuffling and juggling things about clearing things off.

Slow progress is still progress.

BOOK marketing well that’s always on a authors mind. Of youbdont have funds to invest in advertisement well I think you just have to put the creativity to use, how cam you reach a wider audiance how can you get your books out there. If they not seen they can’t be given a chance to succeed.

If they are not seen you can’t get reviews which again the more reviews the better chance of hitting a wider audience.

There is always something more pressing with life that comes along that holds progress.

That’s not a bad thing just reality,

The shop here on WordPress is still a work inprogress do I have the time to dedicated to it, not so sure right now. Is it something I want to do eventually yes.

For now though it’s distributed through many online stores which font require that direct selling its all done via third parties.

I Do however do the odd direct sale if people ask or message or want a personalised copy.

Plus the third party selling kind of sorts the lack of storage I have at home to keep large stock I keep about 10 books at a time for direct sales. Because I don’t quite have the reach or reviews left that kinda works well.

HOME improvement

Yes home improvement we not talking big scale just more of a declutter freshen up bring new life to your home A fresh coat of paint, fixing and repairing things. Just general DIY, We had big plans to declutter through the summer sell things at boots ales while we started to do that the car broke so it kind of put a spanner in the works as far as that goes. Then you need a decluttered space to be able to freshen it up.

See all good plans get put on hold.

The garden is not in to bad a shape despite the difficulties we car in fact it’s more of a blank canvas ready for early soil prep for next year’s growing.

We have some big changes coming up with Niki and Jake where I think next year I am going to have a lot more time on my hands if I don’t get a third job which is a huge possibility in near future, ayears extra work might just be the thing that helps me improve everything.

No pain no gain as the saying goes .

Well that’s it for today’s ramblings.

Wishing you a beautiful day

Much love Faye xx