Emo The Emotional Elf

What TV shows did you watch as a kid?

Cheeky little thing I was ๐Ÿ˜

.Good Morning welcome to a view of my Childhood

Why don’t you,

Great little show taught you how to make the best Toasties , jam and apple amd peanut butter and banana,


Blue Peter ,

A long the same lines as Why Don’t you but every kid I’m Briton wanted to try get a blue Peter badge.


Jem and the holograms,

one of my favorite cartoons . She put on her magic earrings and transformed into a superstar singing , rival pop bands.

I love this one

Neighbours never missed an episode of that or home and away.

Australian soaps are addictive who can forget the Charlene and Scott saga and the wedding.

Neighbours and home and away gave us some of the best actors and singers.

What a love story

Biker grove

Any and Dec the school drama

There they came all curtain hit cuts and strong accents

Grange Hill

Roly and sammo who can remember the song just say No to drugs


Was a great show I guess it is still around Maybe a revamped version

Cilla black

Out lovely cilla black Show host of blind day

Date and surprise surprise

Challenge Anneka

She had to complete challenges poning around for donations to get the job done,She came in her jumpsuits and Helicopter always ready for the challenge.

Crystal Maze

I used to love programs that were about using your mind and physical skills to win challenges and complete. Puzzles Before time ran out and you got locked in the room. You had to work your way through a maze and work as a team to complete the challenges before making it to the large Crystal dome where you had to collect as many gold tokens as you can to win. If you got silver they were taken off your finally score

I will just list a few others, Night Rider.

Bay watch, little house on the prairie, Stasky and Hutch,Touched by and angle.

Crossroads Diane and Benny

Coronation Street and East Enders.

Stars in their eyes

There were some great shows in my childhood . t