Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s your favorite game (card, board, video, etc.)? Why?

Oh love this prompt

Video Game has to be Digimon on the game cube, I got so into it the kids shouting how did you do that不不不 or Pokemon colosseum, great memories playing these withy kids over the year , sonic it pretty good too and of course Mario.

Never really got into the fifa like my oldest son he had every fifa one. I. Not much of a footie fan

Board games monopoly or deal or no deal. Absolutely love cranium and trivial. pursuit. Cranium is very interactive has you running around finding things.Trival pursuit is always a great classic game challenges your brain and memory.

Monopoly now that’s a game that can go one of two ways it can be fun or all the prices can end up everywhere with feet stomping and sulking. 不不

Card games Snap and pairs these are ones I play with Hayley we are very competitive over card games.

Poker , Jim rummy , black Jack, uno.

Cards against humanity now that’s a whole new level of card games, it’s so bad and different very adult too. I prefer games a little more PG friendly. I don’t know who invented the game or where the inspiration came up for it is a very offensive game In A lot of ways but it was defo designed to be taboo and offensive

Yes so that’s it for today.

Much love Faye 歹