Emo The Emotional Elf

What’s your definition of romantic?

Good Morning , what a question today😁❤️

My definition of romance , I don’t like big guestures, I like it simple.

Candle lit dinner at home , music , snuggling and watching TV.

Calling to check up on you when your not together, Taking over things while you rest.

Talking making me laugh.

Opening doors, carrying my handbag when we put believe me I have everything in there gets super heavy.

Flowers are nice but not big bunches my favorites are carnations.

Letters or poems , I still have the ones my hubby wrote many moons ago , his poem had me roaring with laughter.

Being able to say no to me its not good to have everything your own way.

Making things together or fixing things , although my hubby probably finds it more of a pain, I find it romantic because he wants to fix it for me.

Someone who pushes you to try new things believes in you capabilities.

Someone who remembers memories made together.

I have all the things collected and preserved in a book the important things first date ,wedding invite, wedding night booking the cards from when we found out we were expecting , cards and letters from all the big moments of life.

When your poorly and they crouch down beside you and stroke your head to make sure you are ok.

Sitting looking at your kids all sitting together and thinking with out romance without love these beautiful humans wouldn’t be here.

It’s the small details in every day life that are random that make you smile.

Another thing is telling me I can’t do something because it givese a drive and passion to prove that I can.

That’s it for today much love Faye ❤️😁