Emo The Emotional Elf

Empathy even when it’s hard, a good listening ear. Inclusive and adaptive teaching. Giving space to students to self calm,

Thinking outside the box, if procedures and measures don’t work for a student and you can’t seem to get through to them try something different .

Don’t assume there lazy if works not done on time ask if they need some support with it. Not all parents understand or can help kids with homework. See if it’s an issue with the homework sites. That’s come up lots of times in our house.

Ask your students for help once In a while they may in turn see it’s ok to admit they need help. Especially those who won’t ask .

A great way to do that is to ask a whole class so you don’t single out the person who needs it to be honest it can be embarrassing for student in front of peers if they need help.

I say this because of my kids experiences and the conversations we have had over the years about school.

Sometimes I have played mediator making sure school understands my kids perspective and my kids understand teachers perspective. We brake it down and work towards a happy medium. That gets the work done and also makes the teachers job easier get rid of those barriers to productive learning.

I guess that having kids on the spectrum you learn all there ways , you pick up on all the little things the tiniest details maybe a busy classroom can’t

Anyway that’s it for now late night thoughts

Good night have a blessed sleep much love Faye ❤️