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Have you ever had surgery? What for?

Visiting Amy on her birthday 26th June

Good Morning , I have been pretty lucky with my health only had 2 surgical procedures done.

The first one was at nine a ruptured appendix not a pleasant experience and was done as an emergency procedure.

I couldn’t do Pe at school and it got me out of lunch duty of packing up the lunch tables for a few weeks. Those table can punch your fingers🤣🤣 each class was on a rota and had to clean the lunch room.

I wasn’t the only one in my family to have appendix out it is quite a coincidence all my siblings appendix burst around 9 years old so we all had them taken out.

My Second op another emergency that was spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung) I have this tiny scar on my right ribs and a little dent as a reminder , it happened not long after a fall in which I hurt my back probably a week after, at first I thought it might just be just muscle pain. I just got the kids to school and hubby had left for work. I suddenly couldn’t catch my breath. My mum rushed over and drove me to hospital. We got seen pretty quickly they tried to reinflate it with a needle through the chest but it didn’t work so they had to put a tube in .

It was this long tube attached to this big bottle with I don’t know some fluid in the bottom. I have quite tiny spaces between my ribs so it took them a while to get it through. But it was successful she here the air making bubbles. Unfortunately I was awake for this one. But I. A tough cookie though. I spent a few days in hospital while it got back to where it should. No trouble with it since though . Definitely glad it didn’t do it again through lock down. I did remember it more through the pandemic only because of I caught COVID I didn’t know if it would be an issue thankfully I didn’t catch it at all. it probably was caused by the fall as I did hit my ribs on a big metal table when I fell.

And I did have to be sedated for spinal injections for my lower back and right hip manipulation . I do occasionally get flare ups but as long as I am active it goes again. So not sure if that was actually a proper surgery.

I was blessed to not need any ops with my 4 deliveries all though with Amy the birth was super difficult due to her major birth defect. Another memory though brought to mind as it was the anniversary of her birth and death on the 26th of June.

I have how ever been at the hospital plenty of times for others surgeries.

And I have spent quite a lot of time at hospitals with others over the years. Pacing back and forth waiting for news how they went. It’s that silence as you wait. I would rather have surgery then watch a loved one have it.

I don’t recall any other ones