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Just my Luck

Unfortunate issues crop up when you least expect it, As positive as I am all happy go lucky I seem to have some unfortunate luck. Especially with Car issues.

Today for instance I had to Drop my Niki at an event she was voulenterring at. Thr car drove like a dream handled the hot weather and stop starts of the road works. Got all the way back home, at which time out Jake needed to be picked on the way to get him the engine over heating light came on.

Well I got the car home safely ready for hubby to take a look and initially we saw that the airflow connector was some how broke easy enough to fix or so we though we left the car to cool and went to check it again before I was due to pick Niki up.

Only now we noticed another issue the water had disappeared yep this car is driving us crazy. It’s not the thermostat or the pipes no obvious reason.

We pull out the trusty hays manual these books have come to our rescue so many times when we have worked on our car having had a good read we actually think it’s the water pump.

Much bigger job than anticipated as the water pump is situated in a place that means we also have to take timing belt off so with that being said we should replace it to complex to reuse it , it’s old any way.

The weather forecast this weekend is a little cooler just hope the rain that is due holds off till it’s fixed. It’s not as simple as sending it to a garage to be done that’s way to much money right now.

We were fortunate someone from the event brought Niki home for us.

Hoping to get car back on road so I can put my car in dad’s parking space while we visit my mum on Tuesday.

Song choice to go with blog,

Things happen you can’t let them get you down. The way I look at it is it could of messed the whole engine up while I was driving Niki at least we have the chance to fix it and we wasn’t stranded by the side of the road. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ So really we were very lucky this time.

All though not so lucky for hubby think his relaxing weekend has gone.

Much love Faye โค๏ธ