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Do you remember your favorite book from childhood?

Good Morning , hope your week is going well 😁❤️

I can’t remember a specific favorite book from my childhood ,

Going to show my age now , I do remember learning to read with the ladybird books Peter and Jane.

Sounding out the words. The teachers only let you take another one home after you could read the whole book.

I remember trying to teach Hayley to read them too.

Talking about trying to teach Hayley to read we went to the options the other day for her eye sight test , normally it can be a little tricky because she doesn’t remember the letters but this time she recognized a few new letters. So they did a combination of letters and objects , so that’s progress. The nod from the optician when she got the letters right put a big smile on my face.

So I think it may be time to pull out the old peter and Jane books again see if we can teach her to read more words.

I did use to ready magazines my favorite one was Bunty I eagerly awaited it’s arrival in the shop I think it was on a Tuesday it came in the shops.y brothers got the Dennis the menace magazines.

And every weekend we used to go toy grandparents house they had a large collection of encyclopedias and medical books I love sitting there before a game of scrabble and read through them.

Part of my happy childhood memories.

The famous five books as well. For a little mystery and adventures.

As a child you explore reading with a wide eyed enthusiasm, as a mum when you start reading with your kids it’s such a wonderful new experience.

Well that it for today,

Much love Faye xx😁❤️