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What personal belongings do you hold most dear?

Good morning

I would have to say photographs and letters , I for got to say with yesterday’s daily prompt that this was the one thing I collect. They are memories.

Memories of my kids growing up, there little handwriting , little notes the cards they have sent me over the years, I still have all the little poems I wrote to my hubby when we first met , the cards he brought for birthdays anniversaries.

I am not a very materialistic type of person it’s the small things that capture your heart , bring a happy tear to your eye.

Photos equally as important to me. Because when your memory fades of people you love times you spent together and when they are no longer here you have them to jog your memories. I love to collect memories with my family and friends.

I think though that having Huntington’s disease in our family makes capturing those memories on camera all the more important , it’s hard watching someone going through Huntington’s and slowly they change there personality just becoming locked in,

I remember my aunty June just before she was diagnosed sitting in her living room and looking through photographs with her her long term memory was great she could tell us where the picture was taking who was in it. One of the last memories before she went into a specialist care home

So that’s something I have always thought about if one day my memory fades I will have photos to help keep my brain from forgetting

Hope you have a lovely day

Much love Faye ❤️😁

This song comes to mind thought I would add it to this blog

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