Emo The Emotional Elf

What is your favorite type of weather?

Sunny days , not hot or cold about 20 degrees.

I love the the sun not only does it make you feel happier it’s real good for you. To have a little sun .

Obviously summer weather goes hand in hand with skin protection sun creams sun hats super cool dresses and staying hydrated.

What I love the most about sunny weather is being in the garden growing fruit , veg and herbs.

Sitting outside for that first Morning coffee listening to the birds. Eating outside .

Hearing the kids in the local schools excided screams as they are out on the playground ,even the whistle at the end of play.

Watching things grown seeing the bees , butterfly’s and ladybirds .

Having the family all round and chilling with music , maybe a little dancing . Paddling pools and ice cream van .

The winter months you set the thermostat to 20 just to have feel of the warmth that summer brings .

It’s kind real that you can feel sadder in winter months so a little sunshine mist improve the moods of many.

Summer months are great if your car breaks down you can get you hands dirty and fix it yourself when I say yourself I mean the hubby , I am the parts collector coffee maker and tool passer.

We seen a little tiny bit of sunshine this year but march has been a very wet and cold month so far.

We have planted the herbs and some seeds for veggie patch and got the flower soil topsoil and feeds to really prepare the ground before planting

The only thing we need now is the sun to dry up the ground so it isn’t like a muddy mess , to put some grease seed on the patchy parts. We have sprigs of green coming through now. The fences have held up well this year despite some strong winds..

Last year I heard this great song about sung shine hopefully it will stay in my mind instead of the Barney the dinosaur one that springs to my mind as I write this blog.

Mr sun ,Sun , Mr golden Sun please shine down on me

Barney the dinosaur how after my kids are all grown up do these songs keep popping in my head, this one particularly and the clean up song .🤣🤣🤣
This song is the one I love for starting sunny days

Then the sunny weather and warmer months has everyone packing out the beaches with there families at the first sign of a sunny day.

Well that it for today’s daily prompt 😁 wishing you a beautiful Sunday ❤️

Much love Faye xxx