Emo The Emotional Elf

Who was your most influential teacher? Why?

Tricky question, if we are talking about school teachers they all were great can’t choose between them.

If we are talking about life teachers.

I would have to say there are 2 .

The first one is my mum, She is the most strongest,outspoken,giving, caring advocate I have had the pleasure of being her daughter.

My mum has faced lots of health battles and even at her sickest she is still advocating for others moments before her hip ops she was on calls with the care center where my aunt resides due to Huntington’s disease.

When you need her she is there. Maybe not always in person but on the other end of the phone,

It’s always been that way for my lifetime.

Not just for me fory brothers and sisters , my dad even though they are no longer a couple. All my dad’s family and her family.many of whom have passed away but she is this mother figure to so many.

She has taught me I can do anything , she has taught me to be the best parent the best carer.

She taught me life is something to be lived and enjoyed despite challenges.

My Mum ❤️

The other Teacher is Hayley.

Hayley, Hayley has this is innocent view of the world it’s hard to think they thought she would never walk or talk when she was born. Now she doesn’t stop talking she loves her routines to stay the same but also when she chooses to change them now she asks.

Sometimes she takes a little bit of encouragement to try new experiences .But she sure does like it when she gets and that new thing is added to her routine. Hayley looks to her nieces and nephews and is a supportive person always willing to congratulate people on there achievements,when I published Emo she was right there with me included as part of the experience telling everyone she knows.

So that’s my answer for today’s prompt

Happy Weekend 😁❤️