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Good evening, Hope this blog finds you having a great start to your week. March is coming closer the end, this month has flown by so quickly and lots has been happening this month.

Lots to celebrate with birthdays, I think there are only maybe 2 moths of the year where we are birthday free. I do like celebrating life though and making memories.

Jake and Niki

Our Jake got his mock results through a* his intense studying is paying off, he also has been applying for apprentice placements and was offered one. He just received a contract. I think this is going to be the right direction for him to take. In job skills, learning as well. Obviously it’s conditional on exam results and great references but he is dedicated to do this and knowing that he has that to focus on makes him even more determined to pass his exams.

Our Niki has started volunteering at a charity shop Just 2 afternoons a week it’s a start her plan is to eventually work in a playschool like she took her exams for and she did some placements that went well through the college. since then she also passed her level three health and social care exams too.

We are all a work in progress, heading nearer to independence, my hope for them is supportive work where they can grow in confidence an actually show exactly what there capable of despite there diagnosis. I hope people see these hardworking capable people they I see and love dearly. New begining walking into a situation we don’t know the end outcome yet but walking into it with new enthusiasum. A journey i hope to continue sharing to give hope to other families.

I think that is probably where I will start this blog trip to reading for his interview in person while he had the day at the office I spent the day sight seeing and looking around the shops. I went to the Reading museum , they had this beautiful tapestry and story of reading history.

I visited churches and the ruins.

Reading Museum


I enjoyed visiting the museum finding out a little history checking out the town that maybe part of my sons future.

Memorials and statues

Churches and Buildings

The Ruins of reading Abbey


It’s kind of cool seeing the new buildings against such old architecture the different equipment that is used in this advanced age as apposed to how things were built there for some reason i prefer the older style buildings.

The oracle shopping center


The shopping center was awesome they even had a candy floss machine, haven’t seen one of them before was a nice little surprise.

But the shops out side the center were lovely too and some were full of hello kitty thing which was just perfect for some pre birthday shopping for our Nikis birthday.

I finished about 20 minutes before Jake finished at the interview and we met up by the train station.

Always be prepared

They say be observant when your out I was sitting outside the station waiting for Jake when someone out a bag next to me and just disappeared obviously I went and let them know in the station and moved myself well away from the bag. i guess they delbt with it as it was gone when we passed back through.

Mums ward was out of lockdown

Mums ward had just been opened from visitors due to being shut for Nora virus so decided as we were only about 60 miles away and Jake finished by three were picked up a few things to drop off to her it was when we were half way there Jake got the cool offering him the placement. to say he was over the moon with the news is an understatement finally a chance he had been hoping for. What news to take with us and give to mum on our visit. Some great news inspiring, positive, scary and exciting all at the same time. We had a lovely visit but it was only a short one as we had a long drive home I wanted to get over the hills and back on motorway before dark. We did just that only i stopped at the petrol station just passed the hills to top up went to get my phone out of my bag because I had my card with it only to realize in the excitement of seeing mum i left my phone at the hospital had to drive back over them hills twice once in the dark, wasn’t to bad though.

All that walking gave me achy hips though and sore feet so worth it.

Toms Birthday

Little Tom turned 14 not so little Tom now

How grown up is Tom Now we loved going to celebrate his birthday with him. Mum and dad got him a talking hampster and we got him a talking spiderman.

Nanny got to facetime him to join in the happy birthday song and wish him a happy Birthday, even if you can’t be there in person doesnt mean you can’t be there in other ways thank goodness for social media apps that bring that gap to in person barriers

Visiting Mum again

Because my mum is going to be in hospital for a while and missing Toms and Nikis birthday I made plans to visit her the next week bring dad Hayley and Niki with me so she could see her before her birthday. Fate had other ideas though or should i say Nora virus strikes again. we were about half and hour from the hospital the next Thursday when mum called upset to say they locked down 2 patients had tested positive for the Nora Virus so we couldn’t visit she didn’t have it at this point but had been in the ward so in close contact with it. It was sad it turned out that way. but we still continued to the hospital and the nurse met me outside the ward so i could give my mum her food I made and some other supplys. also her mothers day Presents as there were no visitors allowed.

The journey home was fun Eye Spy with My little eye Something begining with R Hayley said Tree I have very fond memories of car journeys when we were young trying to teach Hayley spelling and words bless her its something she still struggles with although we never give up trying to teach her , we adapted it to colours and food. Hayley thought it was funny to keep saying tree as an answer till it was a tree.then her see i told you it was tree with a smirk on her face.

Work and Saint Patricks day fun.

This was a day of mixed emotions I felt so sad for my neice and nephew and the children and there whole family as they lost there mum, I watched there care of her there prayers for her there celebrations with her over the years there love for her has shone through. how can such a beautiful family go through so much. I seen them as a family celebrate there irish St patricks day with mum dancing how they partied over the years together. I know there life will have this empty space, but also i am so proud of how they took care of her. through her treatment and were with her all the time.

My Nephew is named Patrick and his little son is Patrick too.

I had already planned the shift and got all the hats to have fun on the Night shift so carried on with plans even though it was a sad thing there life as a family the way they whole heartedly supported each other maid me not change the plans I made. Those memories they have of there beautiful mum will always be with them. May she rest in peace now with no pain.

Seperate heading night shift.

Prep for Nikis Birthday and Mothers day

Nikis birthday was the day after mothers day so most of the prep was done in the week, the kids and hubby sorted Mothers day.

Mothers day was so beautiful i had a day of rest woke up early before the kids to come in and see the kids and hubby had set the table up with some gifts.

I will let you into a funny little story of the broken plant pot who was the hero of the day, i went to check something in the shed when i put my hubby’s boots on and that advise you give to your kids about tying your shoe laces seemed to have gone out of my head in the moment i triped over my own feet or possible the undone shoe laces and the plant pot broke my fall scraching and bruieing my shoulder and leg, at least it wasn’t my face thought and i definatley have learned my lesson.

My hubby had said before i started walking don’t trip over the laces lol. His rushing out and me trying to recover my dignity while saying you were right i triped over the laces. HIs are you ok and my I am fine. Good job the medical box has antiseptic No time to ponder onit the kids were up and we opened pressies. Josh sent me the fluffy socks funny really as a moment before i opened them i reaslise how cold my feet were.

Niki got me a lovely dress and a little short suit, Jake got me a little stone heart shaped necklace and a keyring eye mask and this little box that said on the out side. THE REASONS WHY I LOVE YOU and on the inside it said LITTLE MEMORIES MAKE BIG MOMENTS

the contents of the box which i found super sweet were little hand written cards.

  • Your the best mum anyone can ask for
  • You are kind and caring and love unconditionally
  • You feed me and drive me places
  • you have a heart of gold
  • you do your best even if it’s hard
  • You have so much creativity in your work and personality
  • you bring joy to everyone around you
  • you brough me cake and a dog teddy( valentines and birthday memory of his)
  • You successfully cheer me up when i feel Crap( opps naughty word alert )
  • The last one made me laugh
  • You gave birth to the most handsome man alive (me)

They are keep forever gifts.

I got to speak to mum on Mothers day but she went down with the nora virus and was pretty poorly with it she is a little better today but it hasnt been so good for her.

The Night before Niki’s 23rd Birthday

With mothers day done I had the task in the evening of decorating and putting presents out ready for Nikis Birthday

I made the cake you have definatly seen pictures of my Niki with pink and black hair she is a fan of draculaura from monster high. so we went with the black and pink theme for birthday decorations.

Then it was an early night for the birthday day was an early start as Jake had school and i was taking niki to london for the day.

Nikis birthday Morning

Me and Hubby were up first that first coffee before fun. Followed by our Jake then we call niki to come down for present opening

After Present opening it was a quick drop Jake off at school pick up som black hair dye niki wanted her hair to be black book MOT for dad for next day and get ready to leave for mum and daughter birthday day destination London and Hamilton our first london show that evening but first we went to look around the shops and had a wonderful dinner at the Hard rock cafe. negotiating the undergrounds.

Checking which ones to take a mix between the maps and google maps were used. it wasnt to busy accept for one tube that was full.

They have this new light gallery which was amazing

Hard Rock Cafe


Wow this place was amazing the music the food the whole atmosphere we got a table straight away the staff were wonderful they asked if we had been before and what made us visit them. we told them it was a birthday treat and Niki was celebrating her 23rd birthday and we were going to see Hamilton they gave such great service took our order told us we could take alook aroiund while we were waiting for food and Niki got some great photos. There toilets were amazing too.

This was just a few of the amazing things to see there.

before we ordered desert the staff came with this chocolate sunday for niki with a sparkler in and got everyone to sing happy birthday it brought happy tears to her eyes they made her stand up while they sang .

loved seeing her smile

Shops we visited


Forbidden Planet this is a collectors Dream shop We have been a few times over the last few years but there is always new stuff to look at

Art box


Harry potter Shop

we went to another shop but there wasnt a name which is a shame because it was a great shop with loads of collectables

good job we couldnt buy much as we couldnt take things into the theatre i am sure my kids will take me shopping there again soon.



We went there after the hard rock cafe arriving early, there was a little bar part of the thearte where we were allowed in to wait the theatre it’s self was stunning, one down side no lift but thats to be expected in syuch an old building the stairs took a while to climb we got ticekts in the grand circle. boy was it high but we had the best view and after the dizziness climbing down to seats once the lights when down the hight didn’t matter .

phones off for the performance and what a perfomance it was the cast were amazing the sets were stunning the story it was nice seeing it performed in a musical very memorable. Niki has seen the origanal and she said this one was so much better she loved it was locked on eyes all wide smile on her face tears at the sad moments.

I thought it was amazing and all the cast did well but there was one of the ensemble that the fandom know as the bullet who stood out because she was one of the most integral parts of the story which just made it all connect and i can understand why the fandom call her the bullet.

This was a beautiful first london show to experience with Niki. Our plan is to see more if you havent already seen it and your in london check it out its so worth it.

that was the end to our beautiful birthday day out and was time to catch the train home. Niki had the best day. there was one birthday surprize that didn’t arrive in time for her birthday on monday but showed up yesterday, niki has been a fan of Danny divito so we got a card board life size cut out, and set it up outside rang the doorbell and told her she had a visitor .

This was her reaction. I so love hearing her laugh.

Well thats our blog for today hope you have an amazing and peaceful night.

Much love Faye xxx