Emo The Emotional Elf

What makes you most anxious?

Shouting makes me the most anxious, loud noises, conflict, I avoid it like the plague. I always take myself out of the situation if I can or go really quite.

I hate how it has an impact of me like physically shaking. Maybe we have the ability to shut our mind down in conflict situation your body it’s not so easy to control that no amount of deep breathing stops it.

Another thing is being put on spot, requiring a decision I like to take my time to process the information check it out think about it for a while, I don’t like being asked again untill I process properly.

Speaking on the phone unless it’s with family still have trouble with that one but working on it.

The way banks word there letters, I find them quite intimidating sometimes, they don’t write them in away that if you have difficulty it makes you want to talk to them. Infact most of the time there stance on contact us if you have difficulty were here to help. Is really just to get you on the phone so they can badger you to committing to unaffordable amounts of money , like you are unaware of the situation.

There is quite a lot that makes me anxious but it never stops me from just living though. It doesn’t stop mEe from being a smiley person. It’s just something that exists and I acknowledge it an challenge it daily.

EHCP meetings everything that goes along with it the dreaded once a year forms that you painstakingly avoid till the last minute and then have to write this master piece that is your child’s lifeline to support.

Having unanswered questions believe me the journey to diagnosis and all the chopping and changing different doctors different specialist all having different opinions and thoughts. Half the time it is just this going round in cycles.

I never used to get the shakes , untill my children’s issues began we are all in a different place now but there is definitely some residual trauma that causes the bodily reaction.

I like these prompts they get you talking about things you go through or experience.

That’s it for now ๐Ÿ˜