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Good evening From England

First before I begin with this blog, Hope you are having a great start to this new week.

Writing a blog is like telling a story of your life and events. things you love things that challenge you. Your personal perspective on the world. Although you write for an audience of many it isn’t quite the same as a two way conversation.

While your writing it always pops up in your head thinking about the person that is reading it.You wonder how there life is going. What makes them smile what challenges them, if they are ok. What they are like as a person.

It is easy if you have got to know the person who is reading . Maybe they are family or friends that know you in person. Maybe they are someone you have met in the digital world you chat with. They are knew to following or just paying a passing visit to find out more about your writing.

I appreciate every visitor who has followed or just taken a moment in time to read this blog or connected and have conversations with. those that have become great friend’s.

That’s just my brain though, I am somewhat of a deep thinker, I tend to think about others allot maybe it comes from being a carer.

On with Today’s catch up blog now my Computer is working again that soft wear issue seems to have resolved it’s self With a little help from Mr Fix it( my hubby).

Toula’s First Birthday

It was such an honor to be part of the first’s in her life but the first birthday is alway’s something special. they are becoming their own little person more aware of their surroundings and people. their own little personality shining through.

I remember my children’s first’s like it was yesterday. Toula is the sweetest little thing we are all captivated by her eager for updates on her little life. what knew food she has tried, her first steps, what she likes.

Our Izzy and Kishon are such amazing parents, Toula makes them a beautiful little family i am sure all the details and arrangements for making that first birthday were special.

They highered a little hall and ballon arch and soft play area and ball pit. every baby’s favorite thing. Toula was very impressed.

There was party games , pin the tale on the donkey, pass the passel and the bumble bee pinata.

The theme was bees. great choice so cute. there was a little buffet and soft drinks. Toula has found her feet and was off at high speed towards the exit a few times, lol kids always have an escape plan. at that age though it can be a little overwhelming and they tend to want mum and dad.

Toula loved the party food and quite happily sat in her chair munching away. as long as no one talked to her and disturbed her eating.

She wasn’t offended by me sitting next to her though while she ate.

The Cake smash that didn’t happen despite all us excited adults waiting patiently. Toula had other plans and daintily picked just the bee’s off the cake leaving the actual cake intact.

kids will always surprise you and do things their own little way. and that as well is just part of their personality forming . It’s so amazing to watch though.

Birthday Cake Time

here is to many more years of special memories. Our Sweet little Toula.

Jake turns 18

Now we go to the other End of childhood and welcome Jake to Adulthood my baby is now 18 my youngest is now an adult.

It took a little time to plan and most of it was kinda last minute some family were not able to attend as they had plans already or were not able to come on the day we missed them but it was still an amazing day.

So we all kind of spoke about what to get Jake as his main present and as his phone has a crack in the screen we all put into to the kitty to buy him an knew one with better camera. Niki made his birthday cake and helped with this big box which opened up with his favorite snacks and drinks before it revealed his phone.

We spent a whole afternoon together making a box big enough to work of this surprise gift. Asking him what he wanted and getting the answer nothing made things a bit more difficult to choose but he loves his presents anyway.

Party favors to give to guests

Thursdays Hayley is with me she wanted to get involved with the party planning and I took her to choose a present from Jake she wanted to get him a phone case to go with his phone and we made some party favors together as an afternoon activity Niki mad cake pops as well as the birthday cake which was cat themed as Jake loves Cats.

In the little passels was a candle to light and wish Jake a happy healthy blessed adult life and some love heart sweets. the theme was blue and silver. The cake pops were wrapped and put in little bags to keep them fresh tied with a little ribbon.

We drove to pick my mum up on the Friday.It was also Marty’s birthday so made a cake for him too he able to come for the birthday so when he returned from work that night his birthday cake was waiting his birthday cake was lemon flavor

it was going to be the Saturday but with other guest coming it would mean i wouldn’t be there so slight change of plans while I picked mum up my hubby kept Niki company while she made Jakes birthday cake. he had to one brought from the shop for the dinner party and the one Niki made for the party at my parents house we had it there because of the amount of people and dads house is bigger. and because mum is still recovering.

My mum came for the week as well which was lovely having her be able to attend Jakes birthday an be involved , she even helped with balloons on the day. and my dad hubby and mum all helped with the cooking so I could do the decorations .

The birthday celebrations happened over 2 days so he had a birthday dinner at our house where Toula fizzy and Kishon came. Also our oldest son and his girl friend Dani arrived that day too.

The pre Birthday dinner still 17.

Family meeting family for the first time.

It was a fun day Izzy and family got to meet Dani for the first time and she got to meet more of our family. Niki and Jake had fun with Toula and they had fun with her. was so great to see her getting on with Niki and Jake and every now and then she would toddle back to kitchen dance or poke her head in the room just to make sure mum and dad were still there before going back to play and watch Tv. She was also showing her digital skills to Niki scrolling though Niki’s phone looking for her favorite shows, yep kids these days a tech smarts from a young age.

Jake was actually really happy and relaxed. I think I forgot to tell him people were coming over for dinner so it was a great surprise.

After the guests left we all talked for a while with Josh and Dani, before everyone watched a movie and went to settle down. I stayed up as I was preparing and decorating ready for the birthday morning and present opening session. We had to get up early as I had to go and decorate my dads ready for Jakes and his guests arrival.

Setting up the house decoration time.

Birthday Morning Present time

The flurry of opening pressies . The birthday song

My hubby cooked the hot food Chicken and potatoes while I went to dads to set up for party.

Once all set up i had to do pick ups in two journeys Josh Dani and Niki in the first car load and dropped them at dads and then back for hubby Jake and the food stopped for a five minute coffee to allow time for all the guests to arrive at dads house before i took Jake and his dad there.

The birthday boy arrives at his party

Jake was surprised to see everyone.

More gifts and present from Nan and Grandad

Nan and grandad got him a tablet.

The best Memories to be made are with those closest to you

We all had a great get together and catch up nice having so many family all in the same room all at the same time.

The cake

After the party

after the party wrapped up My Hubby, Dad, Josh, Niki, Danny and Hayley took Jake down the pub for his first pint. I stayed behind to cleanup and spend the evening with mum but i have to say this year was the very best birthday Jake has ever had.

Welcome to Adulthood Jake a whole new Journey.

one last thing on Jakes birthday weekend i kept my 18th birthday gift a key all these years it only seemed fitting to keep and give to my youngest child as he reach the age of 18

The next big celebration in February was of course Valentines day.

Hayley’s Valines with her Freddie

I was Helping Hayley plan hers and also planning it for my family too. Hayley had a lovely dinner with Freddie she wore the new clothes she got just for the occasion. Freddie dressed up smart arrived with a bunch of flowers. they had dinner cooked by dad he lit the candles and let them enjoy their dinner in the kitchen alone.

Mum is back in Hospital

The night before Valentines my mum was readmitted to hospital in fact she is still there now she got double phenomena which caused some heart issues which are being investigated still , that was a little worrying. At least I had valentines to focus on while I awaited news on how she was doing. I hate being so far away when she is in hospital. she is almost two weeks into her stay still waiting for a place on heart ward so she can have an angiogram. I did visit her with my brother that weekend and again this weekend. spent time just me and her this weekend.

Valentines in my house

I decorated and got the gift baskets ready for the kids.

Valenties Morning is a family occation

We always give the children gifts not so much our josh now as he lives in his own place and had his own valentines plans. but i always text him happy valentines

My hubby and i get to wake up first and have a coffee before we call the others down.

My hubby and I didn’t get each other things just had a nice meal together and watched a movie.

the night before i marinated the lamb with olive oil Salt Pepper Origano and some Rosemary Garlic and Onion.. leave it soaking so the flavours infuse in the meat over night till an hour before I cook then pop them on wooden scewers and cook slowly in the oven our grill isn’t to great but they taste good oven cooked too. Souvalki is the Greek word for them.

I also wanted to save time on cooking the next day so made some home made chips and popped them in the freezer over night.

Before setting up and cooking dinner , i set the table in the other room for Niki and Jakes dinner toghether they choose a pizza and movie night.

I made a salade and and some extra Greek add ons Houmos, Olives a bottle of bubbly. was a beautiful evening.

Caring and work


Been getting creative with Hayley during our sessions, making last years and the beginning of this years memory books and its lovely to have photo’s of mum in them sharing the special occations with her and spending so much time with her over the last year due to her broken hips and hospital trips has been truly memorable for us all. I am definatley savouring every moment i can get. Some of our Memories together this month

We have started on easter projects too.

Little Tom

Not so little Tom is going to be 14 this month they grow so fast,

We are always getting up to mischief togehter singing Dancing , make believe stories. cooking. Hide and seek, reading the fun parts of caring.

He found this funny .

Views from my drive to visit Mum

Day out with Jake

We went out to Burgess hill a spot of looking round the shops and a break for jake from studying we came across this fabulous little American themed diner called Franks dinner and stopped for a spot of lunch.

Juke box music , The food was freshly cooked every little detail made it a great experience even the little shop has some little collectable things and some other intresting things for sale .

Book related things Emo the Emotional Elf

The word press shop is almost ready to go live, Another book is maing its way now through the USA postal service to a mr T Ponder an author friend of mine been tracking its progress. I look forward to his feed back on my book once he has recieved and read it.

I got my royalties from November but even better than that my book got a mention by another author an in alist for other carers books. that was a pretty special moment and thanks to the author Matthew Mckenzie fellow writer and unpaid carer for the mention. I am going to check out some of those other carers books.

Well thats it for todays blog think I am all caught up with everything I wanted to share for now.

Good night much love Faye xxx

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